A Big Box Of Terribleminds For Under Your Christmas Tree

What up, elves?

Whatchoo got under that Christmas tree of yours? Give anything good? Get anything good? What will you be eating today? Drinking? Will you be punching reindeer? I’ll be punching reindeer. Those jerks have had it too good for too long. Santa’s been coddling them, let’s be honest. Time to do the ol’ Reindeer Punch. And no, that’s not a sex move. Though, were it a sex a move, one assumes it might feature fake antlers and pinching your sexual partner’s nose real hard at climax so it suddenly turns red.

You heard it here first. That’s my present to you.

Also my present to you (which is really a present to me, as I don’t know if your excitement about this can possibly match my own) is, drum roll please, the IRREGULAR CREATURES cover!

Irregular Creatures Cover, By Amy Hauser

The cover is by the lovely Amy Hauser, whose talent knows no bounds. You can find her portfolio here, and you should also endeavor to follow her on the Twitters.

Have a Merry Happy, peeps.


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