Writers Don’t Get Sick Days

By which I mean I’m sick, and I have work to do. I can’t really do it — been up since Ass O’ Clock with stomach bug problems. Point is, as a full-time employee you generally get sick days — stay home, get better, get paid.

Blegh. Blegh, I say, blegh.

So, no real blog posting today.

I will instead use this as an opportunity to refill my Blog Tanks with Word Juice.

All you terribleminds readers new and old, please hop, skip and drop down into the comments and let me know what you want me to talk about here at the site. Anything at all — writing, gaming, pop culture, whatever. I don’t promise that I’ll get to blog everything, but it helps me find out what people might be interested in reading.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go sweat from my palms and ponder which side of my body will be the one to RELEASE THE KRAKEN.


  • More on writing if you please. I only started reading your blog recently but find your words on novel writing and editing informative and useful (as well as entertaining). Of course I love to read anything on gaming from anyone with even any link to the world of pencil and paper RPGs.

  • I deeply sympathize and hope you feel better soon. Not to frighten you, but enjoy being sick before the baby arrives and rearranges your priorities yet again.

    I’ve enjoyed everything you’ve written since I landed here, so more of the same, please (which may or may not be helpful).

    And if you give me the opportunity to bat around Remo Williams quotes, so much the better.

  • Get better soon.

    I’d be interested in seeing the rewriting part of editing, how to decide what gets gut, what stays, and just how much is ok to change before you should just scrap the draft and start fresh with a full rewrite (if such a point actually exists)

  • I enjoy reading everything you blog about, you are an exceptionally gifted thinker. I landed here via the Godchecker blog, btw. I’d love to hear about your photography passion. Feel better soon.

  • I’d like you to blog about kittens, maybe puppies too. Or maybe how kittens and puppies should never mate. Yeah, something cute like that.

    Seriously, I’d love to know how you overcome fear. Make it really personal.

    Or you could do that kitten thing 😉

  • What you need is booze. Lots of it. You’ll still be ill but you won’t mind at all.

    Jeanne VB – I have blogged about kittens. Well, kitten blood which is just as cute but without the fur and the eyes and the needy clingy nonsense.

    Although it can be hard to get out of clothing, if they struggle a lot.

  • Get better soon! I will admit that a day job with sick days can actually be pretty frustrating when you’re too sick to be in the office (by decree of The Boss), but not too sick to actually do work. I’ve lost many a sick day that way, and wound up paying for it when I ran out of them and promptly got hit with something really bad. (Some kind of influenza. A week with no pay. Yeek!)

    As for the blog, anything about graphic novels would be interesting to hear. What you think of them, which ones you like, whether you think they can contend as ‘literature’, whether you think all that Japanese manga stuff is just a bunch of crap.

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