Painting With Shotguns #63

You Got Your Vampire In My Zombie Apocalypse

“You got your zombie apocalypse in my vampire!”

Oh-ho-ho! Silliness abounds! And blood! And rotting flesh! It’s like beer and hot wings!


So, that cover there? Yeah, I didn’t do that. That is not a cover I created. That is a cover created by Abaddon Books for their Tomes of the Dead line of novels. And it happens to have my name on it.

Ta-da! I’m writing a novel for their Tomes of the Dead series and that is the first mock-up cover — a cover that they were kind enough to let me share with you crazy tmeeps.

The notion behind the book is, “Goddamn, it must suck to be a vampire who wakes up starving and finds that the world has been eaten alive by an apocalypse of zombies.” (By the way, “one apocalypse of zombies” is equal to “one hundred hordes of zombies” — that’s some End-of-Days math for you.) It’s like waking up and discovering that all the food has spoiled overnight. If you find a cow, sure, you could just eat it.

But then you’re once more without food. No cow, no food.

Now, look at that from a vampire’s perspective, with all the complexities of being undead and…

Well. You’ll just have to see.

So, I’ll keep you abreast (abreast — titter!) of the news as it comes rolling in about this project, but here it is: the cover to Double Dead, a gonzo apeshit road-trip vampire-zombie novel. Please to enjoy. (Oh, and hey novelists who also happen to be fans? I’d love to hear from you, see if you’d be willing to throw some quote love in my direction for this book. No pressure. Ignore the 9mm pressed against your temple.)

I know, I know, I said Painting With Shotguns might be going on hiatus. And that could happen at any time. It could drop dead of a heart attack like that — *snaps fingers.* But c’mon, it was too good to resist. That vampire there? He’s holding a shotgun. And it’s a painting.

Shut up. No, you shut up.

(That cover, by the way, is by the brilliant Pye Parr.)

And The News Keeps On Rolling In

In case you missed the other news, the Sundance Film Festival announced their short film program for 2011 (this January) and — guess who’s on the list?

Pandemic (aka “Mono”), a film by Lance Weiler and written by Lance and myself, is headed to the festival. The film is a precursor to our feature film, which continues to move forward in development.

Also, we’ve got a whole mind-exploding multi-tiered transmedia event going on during the festival as part of Sundance New Frontier, and Gowalla is a part of that, leading up to a really cool secret DJ show. You can read more about that whole kaboodle riiiiiight here (Mashable).

Walking Dead

Back to the zombie thing for a minute — regarding The Walking Dead, I like this i09 article which talks about the scenes from the comic which really should’ve also been scenes in the television show.

To be clear, I like the show. I do. I think despite complaints to the contrary, the writing is pretty good, the direction is firm, and the actors do the job given to them quite well.

But that last episode was beyond wobbly. With one fell swoop they just swept mystery (and in some ways, hope) right under the rug. Got too science-fictiony right there at the end. And we gained no resolution, and no meaningful character information, and it felt like a really flat way to end it — it was already sad to have a six-episode season, a stunted withered fruit of  thing, and now they had to go and cock it up with that? Yes, I get it, they went out with a big boom as far as the action sequence goes, but we really got no “big boom” in terms of character.

I’ll stay with the show — it’s still a show infinitely stronger than most genre television. I just wish they could harness some of the strength of the comic book instead of leaving it by the wayside.

Oh, Obama

Hard not to feel like we got a president whose steel spine was actually more like a hollow cardboard tube, the kind that holds wrapping paper. Wrapping paper he might’ve used to wrap up the lovely tax victory present he gave to the Republicans earlier this week.

Andrew Sullivan thinks it was actually a genius move, and I’m willing to see that maybe, just maybe, he’s playing the long con on this and is a lot savvier than we’re giving him credit for, but even still, I may be naive but I would feel a lot better having a present who stood up for the people directly rather than doing so quietly by playing backroom (“backdoor?”) politics.


Links, Links, Linkity-Links

Aaron Sorkin takes down Sarah Palin for hunting on her faux-reality show. (I agree with his assessment of her, but I don’t agree with his assessment of hunting.)

Crazy incredible photos from Rio’s Drug War — the recent assault on the drug gangs in the favelas makes for a powerful array of photography.

Anybody played Fighting Fantasy: City of Thieves? (It’s an app.)

DO NOT CLICK THIS LINK. No, really. As one poster called it, “NSFL,” Not Safe For Life. Really. I’m warning you. Don’t click it. But if you do click it, make sure to watch all the way to the end.

Finally, watch this magnificent speech from Bernie Sanders about the war against the Middle Class in America. Then, when you’re done, pass it around.