Painting With Shotguns #62

Painting With Shotguns

Irregular Creatures

So, I think it’s fairly official — I’m doing a Kindle collection. It will be titled Irregular Creatures, as each of the stories contained within the collection features, well — do I really need to explain it? Critters. Off-kilter, strange, dwelling-at-the-fringe critters. The plan is loosely to have something up and ready by Christmas, but I make no promises as I am almost literally buried under work (which is a good thing).

The plan is also to be fairly transparent about the whole thing: I intend to publicly document my experiences, my sales, my numbers, just so you have an idea of what you’d be getting into if you ever decide to jump into just such a process. I have literally zero idea what to expect, and that’s okay by me.

I did up three mock covers — you’ll note that the third is far more grisly and demonstrates that I was maybe planning on calling the thing “Hangnails,” but really, the stories contained within just aren’t that gory. A couple of ’em maybe, but really I’ve move away from the straight-up horror I wrote in younger years. The three covers here are hasty — I Photochopped them together in about 30 minutes a pop, so.

Sample Book Covers For Kindle Collection (3) Sample Book Covers For Kindle Collection (2) Sample Book Covers For Kindle Collection (1)

Are they any good? Ehhh. Not great — which is why I’ve got somebody doing a cover for me. I won’t announce it officially until she wants me to, but I’m pretty guldurn excited about her work.

Keep your grapes peeled.

Does Character Trump Everything?

I kind of feel like character matters more than just about anything.

If I care about a character, everything else can fall by the wayside. A great character can still be compelling even in a boring world — hell, you might even stick with a great character in an otherwise unengaging story. But the reverse isn’t too true: a boring character in a compelling world or an engaging story just won’t keep you (or, me, at least) reading.

I’m wondering if that’s maybe the approach to take when concocting new stories — think of the character first. Envision a killer character and (hopefully) all will follow. I did that with my novel, Blackbirds, with the character of Miriam Black, and from the character sprang the story. What I’ve been doing after that has held the reverse to be true. And I wonder if that’s a mistake.

It’s an interesting question. Thoughts?

PWS On Hold?

For the next couple months I’m thinking of putting Painting With Shotguns on hold — not because I don’t love it but because by gosh and by golly, I just plain don’t have the time. (Plus, PWS actually poaches blog ideas from myself — each micro-installment inside Painting With Shotguns could and perhaps should make its own blog post somewhere. It’s like I’m stealing food from my own mouth. And punching myself in the solar plexus to spit it back up. Or something. I don’t know, don’t judge me.)

Anybody got a problem with that?

Lincoln, Lincoln, I’ve Been Thinkin’, What The Hell Have You Been Drinkin’?

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