Your Writing Prompt Is To Write A Writing Prompt

Short one today, peeps. For today is the MIGHTY WENDIGO NORTH, a day where a nomadic pair of intrepid heroes will brave the soul-crushing rigors of I-95 to wind their way into the territory of the ice-antlered, heart-hungry WENDIGO. Once there, they shall battle the WENDIGO, which is also tantamount to drinking beer with him because that’s a surefire way to calm the WENDIGO’s dread hungers.

Or something like that.

So, first, a quick link: remember, if you’re stuck in the middle of your unfinished novel and you don’t know what to do next, listen to Poppa Doyce. Poppa Doyce says: “Send in the ninjas.”

Second, I had a lot of fun yesterday working up some writing prompts that stank of rampant dipshittery.

And thus, I encourage you to jump on into the fun-bucket.

In the comments below, write your own redonkulous writing prompt.

Keep ’em short and sweet.

Also keep ’em funny and, y’know, batshit insane.

Funniest one gets a prize.

That prize is my love and admiration. And a pony. An imaginary pony that I will send via an equally-imaginary pony express. You will also earn +2876 laugh points. That’s a big number. You can trade in those points for all kinds of cool toys. Like a decoder ring. Or some parachuting Army men. Or a working photon pistol. Or the digital services of a slightly-talented-but-you-won’t-write-home-about-it prostitute.

Your writing prompt is to write your own writing prompt.