Search Term Bingo, The Epic Saga (Pt 12)

what can you get for punching someone in the face

Right now, I will give you the following:

a) One decoder ring.

b) Three wampum.

c) A high-five.

d) A hole-puncher (thematic, because, facepuncher, holepuncher? See it?)

Now, you need to get me proof that you’re doing it. Like, a YouTube video or some shit.

Oh, there’s one other thing you get:

A jail sentence. So. Uhh. You know, remember that.

what happens if u put marshmallows up somebodys nose

They turn gay. Or, if they’re gay, they turn straight. Or, if they’re a little bit of both, they crap their pants. All that stuff about “is sexuality a choice?” or “is sexuality biologically-driven?” are meaningless questions because the truth has been here before us all along: Marshmallows. Up the nose. No foolin.

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