“Vacation Day At Wonderland Simulations,” DeAnna Knippling

If you break your toys you have to go home.  I said, “I want to be a soldier” and dad said “I want some kissy kissy” and mom said “I want everything exactly the way it is” and we said “Ha ha how boring is that?”

I fought in a giant battle, where I could shoot anyone but they couldn’t shoot me back!  I killed all the enemy soldiers and their towns and all the people but my toys weren’t all broken yet so I played conqueror for a long time until I was grown up and old but I got bored so I blew them all up.  And then it was time for me to go home but that was ok I have school tomorrow.  Anyway pretending to be one person all day was boring, the same pretend all the time.

Dad said you took a long time I said where’s mom.  She’s not out yet. He said what did you do?  And I told him.  I said what did you do and he said Ill tell you when your older.  But I think I’ve had enough for one day.  It was only one day?  I knew it but I couldn’t believe it. It was.  A long time later he said let’s go home and I said what about mom?  She’ll come home when shes ready.

A long time later I said mom must not love us.  Of course she does, she just doesn’t want to break us so she doesn’t know how to get out. The computer doesn’t love her.  I suppose not.  She is staying inside a computer where everything is the same but for love.  She never breaks them because she doesn’t want to come back.

Maybe she broke us, dad said, in the real world, and she wants to stay with the ones who aren’t broken.  Don’t say that I said.  Next time Ill go into the computer and save her pow pow you’re dead dad, your dead.

DeAnna Knippling’s first book, Choose Your Doom: Zombie Apocalypse, a pick-your-path adventure for aficionados of comic death, will be published on November 26, 2010. Check it out at www.doompress.com.