Search Term Bingo, The Epic Saga (Pt 1)

pig faced bird

This is now the thing of my nightmares. I’m not talking something cartoonish. I’m dreaming of a giant vulture like bird with the bristly, angry head of a wild boar. And he breathes fire. And keeps trying to touch me inappropriately in gym class. Is that weird? I’m sure it’s not weird.

grumpy woozy turtle pics

Sorry. The pics didn’t turn out. Turns out, when you dose a turtle on Rufies, he does indeed get woozy, and later he gets grumpy, but he is not grumpy or woozy at the same time. I tried. You can’t say I didn’t try.

who’s awesome you’re awesome

Thanks, pal! I am awesome. So are you. We’re all awesome. Let’s all get in a circle now and wank it. Remember: last one in the Mason Jar has to drink it! Also remember: if everybody’s awesome, nobody’s awesome. Way to go. You ruined it. You’re such a loser.

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