Housekeeping? Knock Knock Knock. Housekeeping!

Today is a day where I gotta do a lot of shit in anticipation of heading off to San Francheesy. Before I go, a few more housekeeping items…

First: Dan O’Shea’s first on deck for the VACATION HELL challenge. His story is over yonder: “Vera Luce Alla Sua Fonta.” Go check it out. Comment. Retweet it. Pass along the love.

Second: The fiction will go up one a day, in no particular order, with the exception of the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th. On that weekend, it’s a two-fer each day. Both go up not long after midnight. Reminder that all fiction was posted as I received it. If it has errors? They’re in there. I formatted them for the blog as best as I could manage, which I think will turn out fine. Apologies in advance if WordPress (or me) botches the thing. The fiction shall run all the way through till Halloween, which is actually a while after I return home, but I figured it was Octoberishly thematic to have the horror stories run up to that popular horrific holiday.

Third: If you’re a writer of such glorious flash fiction, it occurs to me that I don’t have bio information for any of you. And I won’t get it before I leave, so — do me a favor? When your story posts, feel free to post a comment saying “Hey, here’s who I am, here’s what I’m working on, blah blah blah.” Pimp thyself. And also remember, you’re free to cross-post these stories to your site or other spaces and places.

Fourth: Ironically, being gone, you’ll probably see more posts on terribleminds than usual. Howso? BECAUSE I AM GODDAMN MAGIC. Er, okay, less capitalization: Because I am goddamn magic. Okay, not really. But you will get daily flash fiction plus a surprise at noon. (I’ll ruin the surprise: it’s one epic Search Term Bingo spread out over the days.) I’ll also be blogging from wherever the hell I am at the time whenever possible.

Fifth: What? Chicken butt.

And that’s all she wrote. Last minute comments or questions, throw them up (*blaarrgh*) into the comments below. Behave yourselves. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. Which includes and is entirely limited to: going on log flume rides. I hate those things. And seriously, what the fuck is a “flume” anyway? That sounds like a made-up word utilized by the sinister amusement industry. Sumbitches.


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