Painting With Shotguns #57


You will notice: no headers today. It’s just me. Exploding my brainmeats all across your screens in this relatively short housekeeping post.

Ready to get into it? Let’s kick out the jams.

Does anybody say that anymore? “Kick out the jams?”

They don’t, I imagine. But they should! I bet you could get mad tail if you spun such linguistic mystery, weaving a cloak of so-called “jams” or even “jamz” around the ladies. Mmmm. Yeah.

What? Huh? Wuzza?

Right. Post.

First, yesterday I was lucky to be a part of Digital Book World’s Transmedia 101 (for authors and publishers). Thanks to Guy “The Dread Pirate LeCharles” Gonzalez for having me, and thanks to the other participants — Anita Ondine, Alison Norrington, and David Marlett — for putting up with my rambling mumbles. Anybody listen to it and follow along? Curious to hear your thoughts. I’ll reiterate here that, as an author, best thing I can tell you is that you should start figuring out if your work could benefit from a transmedia angle. Not all work does, but some work seems cut for it. Big companies aren’t really yet certain what transmedia even means, and so it is a value-add if you understand this and can bring something to the table. You may want to dismiss transmedia as both technique and philosophy. In fact: please do! Forget it even exists. Just lay your head down and go to sleep. Sleeeeeep. Shhhh. Shhh. Let other people handle the transmedia fun. *strokes hair* *duct tapes you to the recliner* Shhh.

Second, hey, last week, got to go on set and watch something I helped write be filmed. Totally killer. Everything was all, “Jib! Dolly! Rack focus!” Really neat, glad to have seen it in action.

Third, that pitch I sent off came back with a thumbs-up. When I have more news, I’ll share.

Fourth and finally…


*crash of thunder*

Got a bunch of great entries for the VACATION HELL flash fiction thing over here at terribleminds. We have 21 different entries, which is exciting stuff. Want to know how this is going to work?

Here’s how.

I’m going away at the end of this week, but I’m going to start posting stories tomorrow. One a day at first, but toward the end, it’ll ramp up to two a day. I’m not going to post them in any particular order.

The stories will likely post around midnight of each day. Hot, fresh and ready for your eyeholes.

Please feel free to crosspost your stories. Obviously my preference is that you crosspost at or around the same time they end up here, but that’s your bag. I don’t own these stories, you do.

At the end, upon my return, I’ll set up a poll — everybody can vote on their favorites. Most votes gets a prize: a roleplaying book (I’ll also add into that a copy of Bones, the book about dice edited by the gents at Gameplaywright), a copy of Needle (by the lads Weddle and Hornor) or a future copy of Beauty Has Her Way, a short story collection which will feature a tale of mine.


I’ll be gone for a couple moons.

I’ll still blog from time to time whilst out there in the wilds of San Francisky and Poipu (which makes my 12-year-old brain say “Poopoo”). I also have some blogs set to automagically appear whilst I’m gone, but still, some degree of live-blogging the trip is on the agenda. I’ll be doing it entirely from Ye Olde iPad, so, uhh, hopefully that doesn’t suck. After all, our housesitter will only be watching the house. That person will not also be hired as a “blogwatcher.” I still must suffer that eternal duty.



See? 12-years-old.


I will also be posting photos taken with the iPhone along the way. I’ll probably post these to Tumblr rather than Flickr, but Flickr will be the eventual home of my “nicer” (DSLR) shots.

My Tumblr is riiiiiiight here.

For the record, I don’t know how the hell I ever lived without Hipstamatic.

So. What say you, folks?

Any last minute travel advice?

Will you miss me? (Oh, pish, I’ll still be on them Twitters.)

Anybody going to be at Bouchercon? (Wife and I land in San Francheesy on Friday afternoon. Will miss the first portion of the B-Con, sadly, but so it goes. Couldn’t make it work otherwise.) I know some of Team Decker will be there, and excited to meet you crazy peeps. Also: Mister Blackmoore shall be in attendance, so I hear. Equally exciting. Who else do I need to see? Sound off.