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The other day, I told Twitter what I was working on — at that time, a short story for a really cool anthology, a story that contained, in no particular order, goblins, drug use, and charcuterie.

Then I asked what other people were working on and got a tide of cool little responses.

I like that. It’s nice to see other writers writing, other creative types being, well, creative. It gives me comfort. It warms my belly. It tickles each nipple with a sun-warmed palm frond.

So, I’ll throw that question up here (and by throw up, I mean regurgitate — “blog,” after all, is the sound of a good gallumphing barf session). Let’s talk about your WiP (Work in Progress).

Whatcha working on?

Sub-questions, if you care to answer them:

a) Are you writing a little something-something for the flash fiction challenge?

b) Are you partaking in the My First Motherfucking Sale challenge? How’s that going for you?

c) How’s it going? Finding any difficulties (excuse me — “challenges”) with your WIP right now?

What am I working on? Yesterday I cut five pages from the film script, and today I’m get to write about werewolves, and about the stories you might happen to tell with werewolves. Also: puberty.


  • 50,000 word novella. Urban romantic tragedy with darkly fantastical overtones. Going well. Hopeful that even in this market the agent will find a home for it.

    Abandoned the 120,000 word monster I’ve been wrangling for anywhere between 7 and 20 years, depending on how you look at it. That was a nightmare that ate both my brain and my life. Self-created gateless gulag. Nightmare.

    Found your blog via a friend. Definitely becoming a regular read. So, hi! *waves*

    • @Cam —

      As in “The Music of Razors?” Long a book that’s been on my reading list, but long a book that (sadly, and I apologize) hasn’t made it to the top (I rarely read for direct pleasure like I’d hope). Either way, exciting to see you here. I know a lot of people who really dig your book.

      — c.

  • Hello!

    I’ve been poking around here for a few days, and decided to take your flash fiction vacation horror challenge, so I’m working on that…it’s about half done. I think.

    I also signed up for nanowrimo with the idea in mind that 50000 words of crap that can be edited later is better than no words of crap at all, so now I have to research the pre-Christian Celtic Arthurian myths so I don’t come off sounding like a tart who doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

    Perhaps I shall use this story to take the My First Motherfucking Sale challenge, since I too am in search of the elusive ‘getting-paid-for-my-work’ adrenaline rush.

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