I Am Now Typing On An iPad


Now officially typing into — onto? — an iPad. It is, for the most part, a great deal more comfortable than I thought it would be, especially considering I do not have an external keyboard or a stand of any sort. The shift/caps key is goofy though; it does not “depress” on the first touch like I’m used to? Will take some getting used to, I suspect.

Otherwise, hey, cool. Confirms for me that I could, with minimal effort, take this traveling with me instead of the Giant Clunky Laptop. Woot woot, as the kids say. They do say that, right? Maybe? Goddamn kids. With their hair and their clothes.

Now? Still need a case. Still need some apps. Contemplating a keyboard. Still wearing no pants.


  • Damn hipsters and their shiny pad devices! (I stumbled upon this hipster-related goody today. It’ll look great on that screen, I assume http://hipsterhitler.com/)

    Seriously, though… I’d definitely recommend a case of some sort. My wife’s Nook has been saved on several occasions by it. Also…do they make screen protectors/anti-glare protectors for that thing like they do the IPhone?

    • I know — High-Tech Hipster Bastards!

      … er. *hides iPad*

      Case is on the agenda — just not sure which. Thinking a compass stand plus hard shell case.

      And they do make protectors, aye. Pain to get on, but worth it.

      — c.

  • With a copy of iWorks, I can just about fully replace my netbook with my iPad when traveling (still have a need to open/edit docs/spreadsheets/presentations).

    I’m just about recovered from my productivity slump after my purchase a few months back. Here’s hoping yours is equally enjoyable but much shorter! : )

    P.S. Yes, they do still say, ‘woot, woot.’ I believe they also have occasion to say, ‘put your pants back on, grandpa.’ ; )

  • Please keep us updated on the device’s utility for actual writing, especially as you try it more and your opinion inevitably evolves. I’d like to know if an iPad-like device would actually be functional for me in the event that I had to go somewhere and do actual work.

  • “I am now typing on an iPad.”

    That’s funny. . .so am I! :D

    John brought one home from the office for me, so as to get me acquainted with the idea of owning one. Still finding the width of the keyboard rather odd, but it’s growing on me.

    Now, if Google would just hurry up with allowing me to edit things in GoogleDocs with this here data pad. . .

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