The Grande Masquerade

Did you see this video?

Go ahead, check it out.

I mean, you have to watch it over the head of some bald dude, but still:

This is not the first announcement of the World of Darkness MMO (though some nattering naysayers on the ever-charming “Internet Forums” are pretending like that’s what this is — “Dude, duh, we already knew about the MMO, no big, psshh, whatever. *poop noise*”), but I think it is the first confirmation anybody has had that the game is set more in the mode and world of Masquerade rather than Requiem. Plus, it’s the first graphical trailer we’ve had, is it not? Right? Pretty cool stuff.

I’ll add that on one hand, I’m disappointed to see Requiem not serve as the base. Requiem is the better roleplaying game (in my not-so-humble opinion), but on the other hand, the thing about Masquerade is that it’s theย  more vibrant setting — at the game table, that kind of sucks, because the setting and the preordained characters and metaplot always overwhelmed those of the players. But in an MMO? I’m sold on the notion that Masquerade will provide a far greater “hard-coded” story and setting backdrop. Plus, hey, I cut my gaming teeth on Masquerade, so I’m excited to see that come back and become a playground of nostalgia. In a perfect world, I’ll play a little Masquerade online, then go play Requiem at the game table. I’ll have a game-related orgasm (re: “jizzplosion”) and will probably pass out.

For the record, I did some very early writing work on the MMO, writing work that is, by now, probably long forgotten. Will I do more? I dunno, ask the fine minds at CCP/WW. (Consider this, however, my digital elbow in the ribs: they should totally hire me to do more writing for them on the digital front because, y’know, I’m awesome. Not at writing, no. But at sexy dances. I am powerful seductive when I shake my snake hips. That’s right! I said it. “Snake hips.”)

Also for the record, someone at White Wolf should’ve totally zippered me up in a suitcase and snuck me into the Grande Masquerade. I’m hurt that nobody thought to compress me into some luggage.

(On a serious note, I will offer that it was a little sad that they had some “special art guests,” but didn’t really have any “special writer guests,” though. Artists rule, writers drool, one supposes.)

Anyway! Yeah. So, whaddya think all ye gamer-heads and RPG monkeys? This an awesome development? Or is this just sand in your waistband? Would you rather see Requiem over Masquerade on your screen / at your game table? What other monster types belong in the “playable MMO character” category — or should it forever remain the domain of the bloodsucking vampire scum? (I am perhaps a heretic in that I’d like to see Hunter: The Vigil cast into the realm of Vampire: The Masquerade. I actually think Vigil has a little more in common there if you let it — it offers a far greater global and conspiratorial feel than the other games. Then again, I also think Masquerade would be improved by busting out the Camarilla/Sabbat duality and invoking something more like the covenants in Requiem — that is the perfect marriage for me, all the metaplot juice of Masquerade with some of the setting conventions and social structures found in Requiem. Boom. Done. Yes. I should really try to get out of this parenthetical, shouldn’t I? I feel like I’m trapped here. For all of eternity. This is my dirge. This is my requiem. The Parenthetical Macabre.)

(Also for the record: I know next to nothing about the development of this game. Be advised, outside of some very early writing, I’m in the dark on the game and am following updates along with y’all.)