iPad, You Pad, We All Pad For iPad

The Modern Version Of,

I have an iPad.

Well, no. But I will, sometime next week as its on order.

Caveat: I am not interested in hearing any anti-iPad waffle, nor any anti-Apple fol de rol. I am not an Apple fan boy. I have never owned a Mac. I may never own a Mac. I do however own an iPhone and love the little fucker. I hug him and squeeze him and call him George.

So, that outta the way.

What do I need?





And apps. Sweet, juicy apps.

(For a case, I am very strongly considering a Dodocase, because they are beautiful.)


  • What can you do that you don’t realize? You can put that fucker in a box and ship it to me.

    That worked, right?

    Not having one, I can’t give you hands on (well, not in that way) but I was reading a kick-ass article today about iPads and autism therapy that got me pretty psyched. Article is totally worth a read – now that Maggie is actually on board to get one these at some point, I think it will be good for the boys.


  • Jealousy is not a strong enough word for what I feel toward you right now. Just so you know.

    I know nothing of peripherals, and a little about apps. First, put Netflix on that sucker. Screen is great for streaming (I watched episodes of Avatar on it and it was glorious). Second, get Stanza for all your public domain ebook needs. TweetDeck is actually better for the iPad than it is the iPhone.

    Beyond that, I’m not much help. I only got to play with one for a day.

  • My girl got her iPad not too long ago, and we’re still figuring out the awesomeness of it. We can sense great awesomeness, but we’re still working to understand its full potential.

    Things we like:

    1. Netflix App. Bring your netflix watch instantly wherever you want. The bedroom, the living room, (our favorite? The kitchen. Watch some Lost or X-files while you monotonously chop onions).

    2. Epicurious app. Because I don’t want to have to haul my computer into the kitchen to look at recipes.

    3. Monkey Island apps. Enough said.

    In terms of peripherals: We have this case that can be stood up like a stand. The girlfriend has been toying with going out and getting an army surplus map case for travel purposes.

  • September 25, 2010 at 11:17 AM // Reply

    First of all a case. Something that protects the sides and gives a better grip. Doesn’t matter which one, really. You’ll buy a few before you get one you’re happy with.

    Anything you think is cool on the iPhone but you haven’t gotten because you tnk itd look better bigger. All the iphone apps work. You can double their size and they’ll look pixellated, but they’ll work.

    The book apps.

    Goodreader. .PDF reader app that’s much better than the native support. You can pull PDFs directly from a URL or from a web server, like . Or upload from your PC.

    IAnnotate – this is a PDF annotation software. You can’t edit the PDF but you can mark the hell out of it. So if you want you can edit yours or someone else’s writing and send the marked up PDF through email or to a server you have setup on your network. I don’t use it a lot, but when I want it it’s there. Getting files onto the iPad is a bit clunky.

    Dropbox if you use it.

    Pandora. Like the web version. Snag is that you can’t keep it running int the background because they haven’t enabled multitasking yet.

    Bluetooth keyboard and some way you can prop up the iPad. Yes, writing on this thing is pretty easy. I don’t do it but I know a ridiculous number of people who do.

    Evernote if you use it on your iPhone.

    Some games. The graphic intensive ones will suck up your batterynlife because the graphics are actually good and suck up a lot of processing power. Plants Vs Zombies, Scrabble, Helsing’s Fire is fun. Looks better than on the iPhone though it’s designed for that.

    The official Twitter app or Osfoora. Both are good. Depends on how you like to see things. The Twitter app I think is better, because it loads links directly into the app.

    Extra chargers. Belkin and others are making some good ones now. You cant use your iPhone charger. Not enough wattage.

    Not sure what else. Gotta think about it.

  • September 25, 2010 at 11:28 AM // Reply

    Oh, and Comixology, or one of the other comics apps. Surprisingly good.

    There are some writing apps I haven’t tried yet, but one, Index Card looks interesting. Looks kind if like a Scrivener light for iPad.

  • A case more than anything else will make it functional. I hate writing on the thing, but that is simply because there is no writing program that does what things like Word or Scrivener do as well that I have found, and I have no problem carrying my laptop with me. Keyboard is necessary if you want to write anything longer than a blog post (I am writing this on my iPad with the screen keyboard).

    Rob recommended Goodreader to me and it continues to be what keeps me from occasionally throwing the device. Best .99 that you will spend.

  • I admit to being a Droid Fan over iAnything, however the iPad is awesome, its just plain fun. I am saving one for my son, just waiting for a few pieces of software to come out for it. He is autistic so we use a ton of custom apps for children to make things easier for him.

    That being said, if this ever goes into retail sales I will be getting it for him:


  • What can I say? It’s definitely my favorite piece of technology in my collection!
    Both the Apple Store and the local Apple reseller discouraged me from getting a screen protector, so I opted for the simple Apple case. I’m thinking about upgrading to a portfolio style case so I can jot down quick notes on paper until OS4 comes out (with multitasking). I love typing on the device, but you might want the keyboard dock….
    There’s an app that allows you to compose emails and send them through your iPhone. The name escapes me, but I saw it in the Productivity section of the App Store for .99!

  • You will probably want the Apple keyboard dock if you are thinking of using it for any heavy writing.

    There is a good app called IA Writer which is supposed to be goodfor writers.

    I’ve tried a few cases, including the Apple case, most of the cases with folding front covers which stay on the iPad are not compatible with the keyboard and other docks, plus it’s a bugger to get the thing in and out of them. In the end what worked best for me was a LA Robe Allure case that is pretty much just a sleeve that you slide it inside of. I like just having the naked iPad in my hands when I’m using it rather than it having a bulky case around it.


    iFiles and FileBrowser for copying files two and from computers (it’s worth having both as they use different techniques for doin this and sometimes depending on your situation one might be better than the other)

    Flipboard – news app, BBC News and Guardian Eyewitness (in the UK app store not sure about US)

    Cool Hunting (design news app), Dictionary, Rowmote Pro (use iPad like a track pad for your computer), Things, Air Video (wifi video streaming from computer)

  • OK, here’s what I’m using:

    Case/Cover: Dodocase — http://www.dodocase.com/ Adds book form-function , grippy-ness, and all in a package that makes it look like a Moleskin. Plus, hand-made, which I like to support.

    Keyboard: I don’t use the iPad for writing anything longer than a Tweet or an email, so the on-screen keyboard (when in landscape mode) is just fine. Don’t bother with an external keyboard, IMO.


    Goodreader: I second this. My go-to PDF reader.

    ComicZeal: My preferred comics application (although I do have the Marvel & DC ones as well, because they’re free to download). Preferred because it is the only comics app that reads .cbr and .cbz files — the format that most torrented comics come in. (Yes, I download “pirated” copies of comics from the 70s and 80s — I like reading older stuff, and I’m not interested in paying collectors-market prices, which doesn’t go to the creators or publishers in any case).

    Flipboard: App that turns your twitter feed, facebook, and various other dedicated feeds (there are a bunch to choose from, including Cool Hunting, Fast Company, Wired, etc.) into a virtual “magazine.” Very cool.

    Dropbox: Cloud storage and sync between multiple computers. IN-FUCKING-VALUABLE. Everything I do professionally is stored on Dropbox and synced between my iPad, my iPhone, my MacBook and my Desktop.

    Kindle for iPad: Free app that allows you to use your iPad as a Kindle device. This is my killer ebook app. Amazon has way more selection that Apple’s native iBooks, by a ridiculous margin.

    I screw around with electronic music composition, so I’ve got a bunch of Music apps on my iPad: minisynth pro, Beatwave, Morphwiz (especially cool since it doesn’t emulate any existing instrument, but creates an entirely new, touchpad-based style of synth).

    News and Weather apps: BBC, NPR, NYTimes, and WeatherBug.

    Of course, Netflix for streaming goodness, the built-in iTunes video for purchased stuff, VLC player for playing video files of other formats (.avi, specifically — I watch a bunch of torrented British television, yes I know, I’m horrible).

  • Man, I love some waffles. Especially the malted waffle mix. I don’t care how unhealthy that stuff is. Add some fruit topping and I am set. This was a post about waffles, right?

  • If you plan to do any serious work on it I would stringly recommend getting a Bluetooth keyboard – ideally the apple one, and the Griffin A-Frame stand. Also you cant do anything serious with it without a Dropbox account

    App wise I would recommend IA Writer, Nbulous, Dropbox, InstaViz, DocsToGo and PhotoPad

    • This is all ludicrously awesome. Very helpfup, folks. Thank you.

      I will be using the iPad as a travel computer and, to some degree, a laptop replacement. I won’t be typing novels on it, but I do envision — *somehow* — cranking out some blog posts on the thing.

      I’m also already a sucker for Evernote and Dropbox, so no worries there.

      @Gareth — do you love the Dodocase? I hear good things, but would love to hear good (or bad) things from somebody I trust (i.e., you).

      — c.

  • I second the Air Video recommendation for streaming video from another computer in your house to the iPad.

    I don’t use a case around the house, and just have a cheap one for when I’m travelling. The iPad feels too nice to wrap it up.

    And some patience waiting for iOS 4.2 — multitasking on the iPad Makes Everything Better. Except your battery life. 🙂

  • I *love* the Dodocase.

    I used the iPad for about 3 weeks before my case arrived, and the difference in the feel of holding a more book-like object really increased my usage, especially for reading.

    Plus, I don’t feel like I’m broadcasting either “I’m an Apple Douche” or “Hey, Rob Me!” when I use it in public, since it looks just like a moleskine.

    Very recommended.

  • Honestly, Rob’s got it pretty well sewn up for my use cases as well… The only real difference is that I use Evernote for my main writing program at this point, because its syncing capabilities make it completely automagic when I move from desktop to iPad to iPhone to work computer to the goddamn speak and spell on the couch.

    That said, I’m looking forward to Plaintext, which was just submitted to the app store. We’ll see, though.

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