Will Flash Fiction Keep This Blogmachine A-Churning?

Caution: The Ground Will F**king Eat You

I’ll be outta here for a couple weeks in October.

Mm-hmm, yes, I know, you’re not supposed to announce your trips online, but as it turns out, I blog everyday. I amble about the Twitters every day. If I go away and don’t say anything, then you people are going to think I fell down a well and broke my leg. Unless I lie about it. Which takes great effort to blog and tweet on vacation: “Oh, I’m just… you know. Sitting here in my office. Typey-typey!”

Ehh. No. Don’t have the energy.

(Plus, the house will remain occupado whilst I’m gone, as someone has to watch the dogs.)

So, I’ve been thinking how to keep this site up and chugging along while I’m off cavorting upon distant moons and swimming in alien seas, and then I looked at the calendar and see that my time away coincides with the ramp-up to Halloween. Now, let’s remember: I love me some horror fiction. I just do. When I started writing, that’s what I loved to write most — though, as I’ve aged, my writing and reading interests have strayed. But I always still come back to adoring great horror fiction.

Then I thought, well, maybe I should do something flash-fiction-flavored.

Something flavored with a little splash of terror sauce.

I figured, no need to ask for blog posts this time around. (Plus, I intend to still do some light blogging on the trip — the trip is, after all, in part a work trip for me. Starts with Bouchercon, by the way.)

I also don’t need a set number, necessarily — however many I get, I get.

Is this a good idea? A bad idea? You tell me.

I think, if it sounds good, the set up will look a little something like this:

Flash Fiction: “Vacation Hell” Horror

1.) Write a 1000 words or less piece of flash horror fiction set in and around vacation or travel.

2.) Get me those 1000 words by Monday, October 11th. You can email me the story at chuckwendig [at] terribleminds [dot] com. Please ensure that I know who you are and what this is for, yeah?

3.) I’d like at least 14 total entries, but if more arise, hey, no problem there. The more the merrier.

4.) I do not own the stories, so you are free to cross-post on your blogs. My preference would be that you wait until the day of posting here, however, but that’s entirely on you. Again, I don’t own the stories.

5.) I will do a contest at the end of it — people can come, vote on their favorites. This means I will post the stories as they are — word goblins, spelling goobers, and punctuation poo-poo included.

6.) Winner gets either a free roleplaying book of mine, signed if you care; a copy of Beauty Has Her Way, an anthology from Dark Quest Books that contains a story of mine, “The Moko-Jumbie Girl;” or a copy of Needle #2, the killer noir magazine with stories from the likes of Stephen Blackmoore, Julie Summerell, Frank Bill, and Chris F. Holm. (Which I didn’t write, but hey, if I can pimp great writers, I’ll pimp great writers.) For the record, Beauty Has Her Way isn’t out yet, and I don’t know the release date, but it’s all done and the cover’s out in the wild now, so I imagine it’s not on a slow boat or anything.

7.) The contest prize portion is only available to people who live in, say, the 48 “upper” states of these United States. International participants can still try out, but hey, you gotta pay the shipping. I’ll pay the shipping if you’re in America, but anywhere else, the bill’s on you nerds.

Who’s In?

Take me to bed or lose me forever.

…uhh, no wait, that’s not it.

Ahem, I’d love to know if you’re thinking about jumping in and trying this out. I don’t need a firm commitment, but wouldn’t mind a loose set of numbers. Just to get an idea. Just to get a base.

You can also tell me to go fuck myself. Always a viable option!