Painting With Shotguns #52

Shit Sonofabitch Shit Fuck Crap Sonofacrap

News came in last night: our TV pilot with TNT is no more. TNT instead chose a Dallas reboot (or update? or sequel?), a detective show, and a sort-of-also-maybe-detective show. We’ve been hammering at this for a good year now (you’ll remember my trip to LA to pitch this thing) and I think we really refined it into something pretty damn awesome, and the team assembled for the thing was really, genuinely top-notch.

So, it is with great sadness to see this door close on us.

Today will certainly be a day of mourning. So, y’know, if you have any good news, send it my way. Hell, make some up. I’m not above delusion and invention. I’ll take whatever succor one can offer. Or, if anyone wants to invent work for me to perform? I’ll take it. Any professional boost? C’mon. You know you want to. Hire me to write your epitaph. Your menus. Your street signs. I’ll take anything.


The show itself isn’t dead — we’re looking to repackage and we have some other options. It’s a great show, very original (perhaps that’s its problem, ha-ha-ha *sob*), not at all about cops or doctors, not at all a reboot or a rehash, so I still have hope it’ll find a way to be birthed into existence.

Even still.

Shit. Goddamnit. Shit.


Speaking Of The Tube For Boobs

Fall television season is nearly upon us.

I find myself less excited for many of the shows this year? In years past I’ve always found a lot to be excited about (usually to have my hopes kicked to the curb once I actually, y’know, watched the shows), but this year, not so much. Maybe that means I have room for pleasant surprises?

What are you excited about? Anything in particular?

The Event, maybe? It has a Lost-ian vibe, but so far, none of the previews have really caused me to jizz in my britches. But again, maybe that’s an open door for a pleasant surprise?

I recorded but have not watched Terriers on FX last night, and that looks pretty great, actually. Donal Logue has long been one of my favorite underutilized actors. Tao of Steve? C’mon. Yeah.

I admit to being curious about Nikita, which is on tonight. Of course, that might also be because Maggie Q is just crazy hot. And a real asskickstress. See her in the last (underrated) Die Hard? Mmmmm. Kicky.

No Ordinary Family… geehh? I dunno. Could go either way. Love the players. Love that it might have a fun family dynamic. Execution looks a little pedestrian. But it might soar if given solid writing, performances.

Lots of great returning shows, of course. Modern Family, Dexter, Chuck, Community.

I think though that for the Golden Age of TV (if this is really that), the new fall schedule is a little thin, a little feeble, a wee bit pale.

Could also be that I’m suddenly cynical, though.

Go figure.

(shit shit shit shit)

Hey, Good News, Maybe Kinda Sorta!

The other day I wrote my, “Want To Be A Freelancer? Just Punch Yourself In The Face, Instead” post, and I had noooo idea that I was apparently tapping into something. I was just, y’know, doing my terribleminds thing: yammering into the void with my standard rant-and-ramble. I did not expect that post to become, by a country mile, the most viewed post on this site.

In just three days, I’ve had over 12k unique visitors to that page, and people are mysteriously still checking it out. I’ve seen it do the rounds on Twitter, even coming back into my feed without attribution (which is fine because, hey, it comes here anyway), and I’ve seen some very surprising professionals pass this link around like Cherie Priest and Jill Thompson (and, possibly, Mike Mignola? Is that true?) Then you have comic book pros like Christopher Moeller and Gene Ha, which is very exciting. And Jane Yolen? Jane Yolen? My jaw on the floor. Really. What an incredible visitor. So, so honored to have someone of her caliber even think about this space.

So, all that’s very exciting.

And it turns out, the Internet is home to a lot of freelancing professionals.

It’s given me a sudden crazy boost to my Twitter list, too — I think I gained 50-60 new Twitter followers (aka “tweeps”) in the last couple days. (Sorry, new followers: prepare for disappointment and profanity.)

I’m pretty geeked about it, it’s very cool.

Thanks all who looked at it and who spread the love (and who are continuing to spread it).

WordPress Is Acting Like A Cranky Jerk All Of A Sudden

Really, the header says it.

For some reason, my plugins continue to work as described, but now my plugin list is only populated by only by three plugins. Which is simply not possible, as I have more than three up and operating.

Anybody have this happen?

Also, the auto-update now fails to work.


Links In The Great Internet Chain

Pimp myself? Why, never. Except, shut up. Because, hey, look, I have another Escapist article up! “The 12-Year-Old English Kid Who Carried Us To Victory.”

Steven Belledin, artist extraordinaire (and kind of almost my cousin or some iteration of a cousin) has a blog that I did not know about. You should go and visit it.

Do shooter and sims offer better roleplaying opportunities than MMORPGs? Could be, rabbit, could be.

Fine. There you go. Links.

Hell, you know what? You give me some links.

Toss at me some stuff I should be reading.

Do it.

Don’t make me stomp my feet and pee on things.