Doin’ The Genre Boogie

Saturdays are good days to canvas the crowd, right? Right.

It’s also good for a day where I have to rearrange all the physical objects in my life. Seriously. If it is a physical object that I happen to own, then it is an object that must find a new place.

This is madness, but it isn’t Sparta. It’s just Pennsylvania.


Now that I’m in a new place and we have no intention of moving anywhere any time soon, I can start buying books again. (Don’t tell my wife.) Further awesome: the “sitting room” downstairs will officially be a “reading room.” So, books! I am no longer bound to reading in bed, where sleep pulls at me after ten pages.

I’m once again taking recommendations.

This time, run the genre gauntlet with me.

Make one recommendation per genre:





I’m looking not necessarily for works that are seminal to the genre, but rather seminal to your understanding of and pleasure with the genre.


Don’t feel like you need to actually answer all four. If you have a sweet answer for one of ’em but not the others? I’m still accepting recommendations.

My quick recs?

Fantasy: The Farseer trilogy (starting with Assassin’s Apprentice) by Robin Hobb.

Science-Fiction: This one’s tough — I don’t read a lot of sci-fi. But for me, I gotta go Hitchhiker’s Guide.

Crime: I know it’s going to be a Joe Lansdale novel, but which one? Tempted to just go Mucho Mojo and be done with it.

Horror: You know my answer: Swan Song, Robert McCammon.

Join in, won’t you?