Get Thee To Some Bloggery!

Saturdays are dead around these here Internets, so blog posts on said days seem to work best when I keep it low key. One way of doing that is batting a question into your strike zone, see if you take a swing at it.

Let’s talk about, drum roll please, The Internet.

We all have places we go on the Internet. Places of routine. You cycle through a pre-set dial of sites, pruning and adding from time to time in an effort to create the best “signal to noise” ratio you can find. I have a handful of sites and blogs in particular I check every day (The Gist, Some Space To Think, Hollywood Elsewhere, etc.) because I either know fresh content comes daily or because I hope the site will have fresh content. Some sites I don’t check every day but include in occasional rotation just to see, and some I wait to see what links pop up on the Twitters or the Faceypages because their content is sporadic.

But, as noted, I’m always pruning, I’m always adding.

So, I’m looking for recommendations. What do you read daily or weekly? Blogs are good, obviously, but they needn’t be blogs to get a daily visit. I like all kinds of stuff: game stuff, science stuff, pop culture, ranting commentary, whatever. But I’m less interested in you targeting recommendations for me and more interested in just finding out where you go and why you go there.

So, ball’s in your court.

Also: balls in your mouth.

Hahaha! See what I did there?

Do you see? Hahaha. Haha. … hah. Ahem.

I have such shame. It plagues me at night like an incubus on my chest.

Forgive my transgressions. And, y’know, answer the damn questions.


  • Unlike yesterday, this is a topic I can contribute to. Ok! *cracks knuckles* Here’s my list of places I visit:

    * Penny Arcade ( – The best gaming cartoon site out there. Gabe and Tycho are the best.
    * Reddit ( – This is my favorite place on the Interweb. This is a giant repository for all things news/blog/weird/whatever.
    * Digg ( – This is a rip-off site of Reddit. More condensed and the conversation is far more juvenile
    * Something Awful ( – A satire site in one way…but a blog in another. A gem in my opinion.
    * The Onion ( – The best fake news site on the internet, bar none.
    * Literotica ( – Hopefully I’m not the only one that writes erotic fiction. If I am…fuck it. Go read some of my stories and others at the biggest repository of erotic fiction on the net. It’s free…you don’t even need to register.
    * Zombo ( – There are no words to describe One has to experience it for themselves.

    I have plenty more places that I frequent, but this is a good place to start. I hope you enjoy. Don’t judge me, dammit!!!

  • I used to write an irregularly produced column on gaming topics called “The World Famous Crank Report, and while i haven’t poked it with a stick in a while, (I do still have ideas occasionally.) there is plenty of back catalogue to peruse. Sadly, it wildly resists me putting it into some form of book. The editing of it has driven two whole people cuckoo for cocoa-puffs.

    • Ditchwalk, just got into (saw the link back to here). The other two, will have to check out, then. What’s their schtick? Or, more appropriately, why do you like them?

      — c.

  • Most of my bloggery comes from my RSS reader, so I’m always a little hazy about how often sites update. So let’s see, what do I read…

    Marginal Revolution is an interesting site, written by two economists.
    I’m not ashamed to admit to reading Fail Blog. Most of it’s lame, but sometimes there’s great stuff
    C.E. Petit’s blawg (law blog, get it? ah haha) Scrivener’s Error will make your eyes bleed, but always has interesting stuff.
    I’d recommend Next Big Future, too, not so much because of its writeups, but because they link to really interesting cutting-edge stuff.
    A friend of mine writes a librarian blog and usually has interesting stuff.
    And I read blogs from various writers: John Scalzi and Charlie Stross I’ve been reading the longest, but when I find a writer I like, I tend to follow their blogs for a couple months.

    • @John:

      I definitely include Scalzi and Stross on a semi-regular (maybe weekly?) checkup. Very cool.

      It’s funny — Petit’s blog (Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog!) is a bit eye-attacky.

      Blogspot is tricky, because I’m just as likely to start a comment and fail to leave it due to the layers of access I have to dig through to get the comment up. By the time I’ve decided which log on I’ll use, by the time I’ve wrestled with the captcha, I’ll suddenly think, “Who really cares what I think? And holy shit, I’m lazy,” and then I eject.

      — c.

  • I’m no help at all when it comes to blogs. It seems that every time I see a link (especially on the Twitters) it leads to a blogspot that’s over designed with pictures of cats in the sidebar. I’m not a fan of having what precious little eyesight I have raped. Plus, I have the attention span of a gnat, so I like clicking around Tumblr and looking at pictures.

    I know, I suck. But there you have it. Hopefully your much more helpful readers will provide something I can get into.

  • There’s a lot of polite ranting and humor in my blog posts (I think my blog is kinda similar to this one, except far more polite hehe) and I guess I like the fact based/heavily researched blogs to balance things out.

  • There’s this webcomic I read almost daily (it updates a couple of times a day almost everyday) called “MS Paint Adventures” and it’s… weird. And lovely. And I know you will like it, because it’s deeply entrenched in gaming, has wonderful, wonderful dialogues (it’s like Quentin Tarantino doctoring Joss Whedon’s scripts) and a mind-boggingly awesome plot that blows your mind every 2-3 weeks.

    I am not kidding. Every 2-3 weeks there’s a plot twist delivered so masterfully that you do not actually feel any twist fatigue. And it has such a fun mythology behind it, it’ll probably satisfy any “Lost” cravings you have.

    Get it here:

    • @JtG:

      I dunno — sometimes I get RTs, sometimes I don’t? Twitter’s weird. It’s cranky these days.

      And “porn” did not sequester you to the unapproved comments arena, by the way — it’s because you had a couple links? More than one link requires me to approve the comment.


      — c.

  • BTW, I heard Twitter was filtering out people who use RT in front of their comments now. I often retweet you with my Itouch, has it been showing up in your feed?

  • I don’t read a lot of blogs that aren’t in our circle of twitter friends. One I do read occasionally is . It’s maintained by a group of authors who write about.. well, writing. It’s interesting, though I don’t know how much you’d learn from reading it.

    On a really random note, someone is playing Lady Gaga on their car radio loud enough for me to hear it in my living room. That made me laugh, because it just started as I started typing this. COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT.

  • The standout places I visit……. I know, it’s hopeless.…. daily updates from the world of science.
    neurologica blog… fighting the good fight against irrational thought.… some people call it anal retentive, I call it relaxing.
    zenhabits,com… its simple, clean, and speaks to a lot of the things I like.


  • Here are a few that I visit alot.
    It is by Jim Henshaw and has alot about screen writing and Canadian TV. Both topics I find interesting, but I’m weird, experts say so.
    It is by Bill Cunningham, the Mad Pulp Bastard. It is about how to apply the fundamentals of Pulp to film and other creative endeavors. Always entertaining and educational.
    It is by Ken Levine of course. Good comedy, nice insight into show running back in the day, and very entertaining.
    All kinds of cool D&D 4E stuff.

    I assume you already read The Blog of Fate
    It is by Fred Hicks of The Dresden Files RPG fame. Doesn’t update alot, but tons of good info about his industry experience. He is very transparent with publishing numbers and such which is very refreshing.
    It is by John Wick. Why? ‘Cause I love me some John Wick

    Sorry, I’ve went on to long. I’ll stop boring you.

    • @Rob:

      Oh, hell, nothing boring about that list.

      Definitely Deadly Fredly’s on my list — the day Fred does daily blogs is the day I quiver with delight. And maybe pass out.

      — c.

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