Painting With Shotguns XXIX

Whistle While You Work

(Hitler was a jerk.)

(Mussolini bit his weenie.)

(Now it doesn’t work.)

Ahem. Right. Sorry. Moving on.

Hey! Stuff. Not much new, really. I did SimCon last weekend, and you can read the recap here.

I’ve got DIY Days this upcoming weekend in NYC. You coming? You should. I know a couple-few folks who are showing up. Excited to meet the Dread Pirate LeCharles, and hey! Holy shit, I think to get to meet Super Agent Stacia Decker, which is muy exciting. Anybody else stopping by? C’mon. You know you want to. Watch me fumble and present a short workshop on storytelling in games! A priceless opportunity for you.

I’ve nailed down the next two novels I’m going to hammer out (with the open door that I can jump through at any time should conditions change — like, say, Blackbirds suddenly sells and people want a sequel, at which point I will launch myself into a happy froth and explode with 17 more books featuring Angry Protagonist Miriam Black).

Speaking of that novel and Super Agent Stacia Decker, I guess the novel is still “out there,” as it were, working its way through the channels. No specifically good news, but no specifically bad news yet, either.

I remain open for freelance work for the foreseeable future.

In the meantime, I’ll devote a special header to…

Collapsus: Energy Risk Conspiracy

So, I worked on this thing with Lance.

This thing is a live-action slash animated slash game thing. It’s built as supporting material for a European documentary about the current and upcoming energy crises — our task was to craft a narrative that spoke to these elements while still retaining a story and offering up interesting characters. It was a great experience, and working for those guys and that project was a nice lesson in how to craft something fairly quickly and very intensely.

Anyway, it’s out now to watch and play… buuuut only if you’re in Europe. Or maybe just the Netherlands.

They are doing an international release soonish (3-4 weeks is what I’m hearing), so when that comes, I’ll be sure to link to it so you can go and check it out.

In the meantime, though, I can show you some footage that’s up on YouTube — little mini-trailers.

And —

And —

And finally, an interview with director Tommy Palotta (Through A Scanner Darkly):

Really cool project. Very excited, as this is the first time any scripting I’ve done is playing out on a screen. With actors. And effects. I hope it’s the start of many such instances.

More when I know it!

Bioshark 2

Man, I really want to play a game called “Bioshark” now.

Someone! Make that happen!

Anyway, so I went ahead and finished Bioshock 2. I’ll admit that the game began a little abruptly and with unsteady foot. I’ll admit that having to fill your drill (not a porn term) was silly and a waste of time (so much so that I never used the drill). I’ll admit that the multiplayer is basically the definition of “mediocre.”

But, I also have to admit that I really loved the game.

Good as the original? Not quite. But not far behind, either. A B+ to the first game’s A-, maybe.

I guess this is maybe controversial? I know some people really hated it, but that surprises me a little. Rapture’s still Rapture, and it’s still gorgeous. The story is nearly on par with the last one, and the “third act” of the game is a big fat bag of wow right up your poopchute. I understand that it’s not significantly different from the first. Then again, a lot of sequels aren’t — Modern Warfare 2 is basically Modern Warfare, at least from a mechanics standpoint.

Anyway, I dug it. The wife dug it, too, and wouldn’t let me play through to the end unless she was sitting there, watching, which is the mark of an interesting game.

Looking forward to Bioshock 3.

Or Bioshark 1.

But definitely not Bioshart 1, 2, or 3.

Maybe 4.

Shut up.

The Lynx Demands Your Clicking Fingers

Well, heck, this was a pretty sallow, wan-faced Painting With Shotguns, wasn’t it? Lawds.

I best step up with some links. So, click these. Appease the kitty lynx, lest it claw out your eyeballs.

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