Status Reports, Pronto

I’m rounding the bend on this script. Stumbling over the dividing line between second act and third act, actually. And then it’s just another couple dozen page and — whammo — draft six is born. No longer weak and trembling, it steps into the sunlight and shakes off all that blood and goo and blows a farmer’s snot of embedded mucus out its nose.

It’s ready to kick some ass.

At least, that’s the hope.

I was wondering, then, “Well, what will I talk about today?”

I want to keep it lean and mean. I want to get to work on the script; no time to dally here, much as I love all your shiny pretty faces. (Even you, Rick. Even you.)

Then it hit me.

Hey, I just gave you a status report.

Now I want a status report from you.

Yesterday’s post was about giving form to your ephemeral habits and turning them into your Official Penmonkey Stats, and so it seems like a good follow-up post is one where you all chime in, telling me and one another just what you’re working on. How far are you? How’s the project going? Got any questions? Concerns? Heroic moments? Frustrating trip-ups? Let’s make today an open forum. Cheer. Vent. Help each other. Throw things at my beard to see if they’ll stick in its wiry vine. See, old friend Keith the other day said in an email (paraphrasing), “It’s funny that you wanted this to be a community of writers when you started it 10 years ago, and now it really has become that.”

I like that. That’s nice as cookies.

I figure, fuck. I’ve been chattering at you about writing advice for a good long while now, and you’ve been chattering back. Let’s crystallize that. What’s up with your WIP (Work In Progress)?

Hell, what is your WIP?

Me, I’ve got the screenplay. HiM. On page 83 or so. It’s coming well, but again, we’re talking six drafts over the course of… what, a year? More?

Got the novel. It’s out of my hands. It’s in the hands of the agent, and actually, I think it’s out of her hands and onto many editors. That novel is Blackbirds, and it runs a few words shy of 70,000.

Then we have the TV show (it has a name, but I can’t share it yet), which is in the scripting phase for the pilot.

So, that’s where I’m at.

Your turn.

Don’t be shy.

We won’t bite you.

Well, okay, somebody will probably bite you. Yes, you’ll probably get an infection. Hey, I’m not responsible. Don’t come whining to me about your staph infection or your Captain Trips or whatever the hell it is. Not my problem. I’ll just sit here in my plexiglass bunker and spaceman suit while you all die from the Uber-Pox. I’ll be writing novels for the roaches and the rats!


  • I’ve got one massive WIP called Maschine Zeit. It’s intimidating, but I’m set and confident for release date as expected. So that’s awesome.

    I’m finishing my last otherwise contracted work in another browser window. It’s a bit for Shadowrun. So now is the point in every freelance writer’s life when I worry about future work, and look like a motherfucker all over the damned place for more.

    I want to go on record saying, I can’t wait for Compacts and Conspiracies. I wish I had it now. My Hunter game is going well, and material makes me happy in the pants. I’m also rather excited for Danse Macabre, but that’s for a completely different reason.

  • Drawing today’s comic, need to create 1 to 3 pieces of Alice in Wonderland inspired artwork by the weekend, and working on the Clockworks RPG starter pdfs.

  • Shawn:

    What’s the status of the Clockworks RPG? I knew it was a plan, but it occurs to me I don’t know how far along it is, or if you have a loose release date or anything.

    And Alice artwork?

    Mmmm. Sweet.

    – c.

  • @David:

    I’m with you on contract work. I have these long-term projects, but have no short-term freelancing at present. Baby want.

    Maschine Zeit is going to kick it.

    – c.

  • My goal is to have the Player’s Quickstart and GM’s Quickstart pdfs done by the end of March or so. I’d like to have the full book done by Gencon 2011, but that may get pushed back.

    I plan on doing a Pre-Pre Sale/Fund Drive later this year, so I can afford to hire some cool writer types like you and David to help write the final book.

  • My face is never shiny. It glitters. Make the proper changes to your Rick Shrine. Glitter is the new keyword.

    Right now I am stumbling on my WIP. It’s a fantasy story, currently unnamed though I’ve been refering to it by either the world name or The Bastard King’s Legacy – which I hate and don’t know why I ever started calling it that. I have a crapton of setting information, character information, and maps. It’s certainly the best setting I’ve ever made, and I have it all plotted out. I am working on specific scenes and connecting them together.

    And I don’t know if I want to write it. I’ve got ~2000 words into the manuscript, but the first scene is blowing up on me so I went back to the outline to plan scenes out specifically – but I am just finding myself bored actually writing the work. I think I blew my wad on world creation to a large extent, and my overall story just seems lame. I dunno.

    So there. Fleh.

    • @Rick:

      Here’s my rough guess regarding your WIP:

      It’s not exactly that you spent too much time on the setting — it’s that you didn’t spend enough time on your characters. To me, a world’s setting is interesting, but more interesting is forever the characters that inhabit it (and further, the way those characters express the themes and feel of the setting).

      A totally rad-ass setting is not enough to make me want to read, and maybe it’s not enough to make you want to write.

      Maybe you need to take another look at the main character(s).

      Maybe the problem there is that you’re not finding anything compelling about exploring the stories of those characters. Find the characters. Find something about them that you love. When I make characters, I try to find why I think they’re awesome — I don’t mean Mary Sue awesome, I mean, “I need to enjoy spending my time with them.”

      If that means the characters need to change, so be it. Forge them first in the fires of your own enjoyment.

      I could be wrong. Maybe it’s just not clicking. The other side of it is, sometimes the work *is* a little boring. It’s like a relationship. Those opening months of a relationship are awesome. Snogging in public. The smell of her hair. New sex! But over time, it’s about who cleans the cereal bowl. How she looks when she sleeps without makeup. Who’s paying the rent? It gets boring. And it’s why many excuse getting out of the relationship. I think writers have a similar thing with their WIPs. You work on it and suddenly that spark is gone. Problem is, it means you didn’t tend it into a flame. Or, it means you’re just looking for an excuse to bail.

      Unfinished projects are, to me, an anchor around your hip. Each adds weight. Finished projects are wings; they elevate, they lighten the load. My advice is, do whatever you have to do to finish it. Even if it sucks. Even if you hate it. Don’t let it bog you.

      – c.

  • Given my complete lack of energy, I’ve put aside work on my novel-length piece (tentatively titled Shadow War) and have decided to, until things settle down and I’m no longer carrying an uterine passenger — one fuckin’ week to go; got a time machine I can borrow? — focus on shorter pieces. Flash fiction, short stories, etc.

    “Vigil”, a short story loosely inspired by Hunter (and all its parent inspirations) is sitting at 2300 words, with maybe two grand left to go.

    “Eurydice”, another short story I wrote a year ago, is in dire need of rewriting and streamlining. I keep talking about how one of these quarters, I’m going to submit it to WotF, but somehow I end up procrastinating and it never gets done.

    I have copious notes made for another novel-length piece called Soulbinder, but like I said above, I’m in the home stretch of pregnancy… I’m lucky if I can stay awake through an entire episode of CSI after the kids go to sleep, let alone have the energy to put forth into serious writing.

    In other words: Half finished, pushed off, bullshit excuses, etc etc etc.

    • @Maggie:

      You’re excused. I mean, Christ, you’re pregnant and about to pop.

      (One week to go?!)



      (or not.)

      – c.

  • It’s 90% a she, and somehow SOMEHOW Rick tricked me into a name that means our daughter’s initials will be “ACDC”.

    If it’s a boy though… Wendigo would be awesome. Not only would it go with the Silent Strider tattoo on my shoulder, who’d want to mess with a kid named Wendigo?

    “Gimme yer lunch money!”

  • I’ve been putting the lash to my skull-dwarves lately and the results have been more than pleasing. Our first RPG is called Cipher, and everything aside from the artwork is poking its little turtle head and preparing for the final push. A handful of sample NPCs, a couple of starter scenarios, and a few pages of fiction are all that’s left on the checklist.

    The art is the only important piece left to conquer. I can screw up a stick-figure, and it’s difficult to find artists willing to work for cookies and the promise of cheap sexual favors.

    When it’s not possible to be at the computer working on Cipher, I’ve taken to wandering the house in a natty bathrobe and cheese stuck in my beard while muttering to myself about the next game, Echoes.

  • I just cracked the seal on a book last night recommended by yourself. I hope to dive directly into it as soon as my rug rats leave to annoy my mother for the day. I’m still studying and reading a lot of dialogue. This is the worst of my many weak points and I really want to forge and sculpt a writing style in this department. I’m tinkering with the idea of starting a gaming blog. I would be reviewing games and ranting about the industry. (BTW: Dante’s Inferno and Heavy Rain: Play them). Lastly, I have the rough outline set for my latest short story. This story will be the first that I really put a great deal of effort into. I want to throw my weight behind this as it will set up, perhaps, a series of stories based on these characters and events. This story and the people within it have been wandering around inside my skull for well over 10 years. I hope to do my thoughts justice while transporting them to paper.

  • I will take another look at my characters; I like them, and I think they are cool, but there is always another pass I can do. One of the reasons I am doing more scene plotting is to make myself stop staring at a blank screen, feeling like some imbred hick trying to figure out what these little key things do in relation to giant ham-sized fingers. It’s helping, but I am just stumbling on how to start this bitch.

    Thanks for the advice, as ever boss… I will get it up and going, and I know as soon as I get some steam built I’ll be well on my way – that initial bump is just kicking me right in the happy sacks, and I don’t have an ice pack.

    • @Rick: You’ll find the way in. You just need to find the way in that’s fun and engaging for you.

      @Paul D: Good deal — what book? On Writing? Good luck with the gaming blog. Go w/Wordpress if you do with a nice magazine-style theme.

      @Paul H: Speak to me of Cipher and Echoes — what are they?

      @Maggie: … ACDC? What name did Rick trick you into using?

      – c.

  • Well, we agreed (after much deliberation) on Amber for the first name (we were leaning towards Autumn for a while), and our last name is Carroll. Then I struck upon a scheme that incorporated both our mother’s first names (Cynthia and Darlene).

    Genius? I like to think so.

  • Cipher is a game where the players take on the roles of individuals gifted with a variety of psychic powers. The whole range of abilities is covered; from Telepathy and Telekinesis to Biokinesis and Clairvoyance. A hidden war between a “black book” agency and those Ciphers that choose to live free of the agency’s control has been going on since the first Cipher evidenced. This was less than a hundred years ago.

    Pushing your abilities to hard can cause you to go insane, kill you, or even cause you to give birth to nightmare creatures generated by your own fears and insanities.

    The main plot thread, which can be ignored if the players choose, is that of the Three Tomorrows. Fifty years ago, a powerful Clairvoyant foresaw only three possible futures for mankind. He called them Apocalypse, Dystopia, and Balance. Key people, places, and events have a strong bearing on one or more of the Tomorrows. These are called Cruxes and can be used to generate stories for the players as they strive to work for one of the Three Tomorrows.

    As for Echoes, it’s intended to be more of a shorter game of maybe one or two stories. We’re hoping to capture the feel of the “Deep Space Horror” genre with a few new twists. It’ll be using the same core system as Cipher, but with a new “patch” added for the different setting.

  • Must remember to proofread for typos and grammar. My English teacher wife will poison me in my sleep if I fail to do so in the future.

    Bad monkey. No Cheese-Whiz.

  • The book is Stephen King’s On Writing. I’m actually messing with WordPress right now. I like it a lot. Also I forgot to mention that part of the site will be a weekly podcast. I’ve been a voice actor for a while (Shameless plug: and I want to use that to my advantage, and maybe give Yahtzee a run for his money.

  • Absolutely. If the group is actively working on resolving Cruxes, they are likely to be strong Cruxes themselves. This gets real interesting when an NPC group of Ciphers is working towards a different Tomorrow than the PCs.

  • Finished my book yesterday and posted it on Lulu. Now begins the marketing. Which i can honestly say i look at differently now because of reading Terrible Minds.

    The project was called “The Ebon Shelf” And essentially it is a cut and paste tool-kit for building Occult Tome props for larp and table top games. Also, there are short stories of an occult nature as well.

    If you folks are interested the PDF sells for six dollars:

    I think the next project is to take my long time games blog “The World Famous Crank Report” from raw text to Youtube Channel. The only thing worriesome there, is I am a little daunted by the complexity of video editing.

    Wish me luck!

  • @Paul – Cipher sounds ridiculously badass from that little bit you’ve said on it. Color me completely interested.

    Then color me mauve, because chartreuse sucks.

  • @Rick-

    Thank you. Does that mean I can put you down for a pre-order once we start to offer it? :)

    I’m afraid we’re all out of mauve at the moment. All we have left is taupe. I hope that will be okay.

  • @Paul H: I’ll have to clear it with my wife, but I am almost certain the answer is yes. We both have a soft spot for psychics. And taupe? I am going to have to google that, aren’t I?

  • Early stages of my novella: After reading Chuck’s post on outlines, I stopped trying to work it all out in my head. Instead, I completed a basic mindmap that works for me, and now I’m looking a little more at basic character arcs before delving into chapter 1.

  • My status? I’ve been knee deep in world-building my western/fantasy mash-up, The Incorruptibles. Very little writing on it, though, other than the opening chap. I’m also trying to synopsize the next two books in my YA series, of which The Twelve Fingered Boy is the first. And I’m anxiously awaiting edits from Stacia on This Dark Earth.

    They didn’t tell me this, but publishing will make you get patient, or go mad.

    • @JHJ: Enjoying The Twelve Fingered Boy, by the way. Making my way slowly through it (time is premium), but, thumbs-up. And you speak truth: I have gained a lot of patience out of all of this. But the Internet doesn’t help my patience. Most things on the Internet, I can get HOLYCRAPRIGHTNOW. So, when things go out into the world and don’t immediately return a result (HOLYCRAPSOMEONEWILLPUBLISHYOURBOOK), I start to get twitchy.

      @Kyle: Nice! Keep us in the loop with it. Let us know how it goes.

  • Well. The original plan was to create an LJ community, pitch the plan to a number of people i hoped would dig on it, and then hopefully have a nice game resource to show for it that i didn’t have to write the entirety of.
    Sadly, with only a handful of exceptions, nobody else bit. So the project metamorphosed from a repository of fake spells and bits of prop color text, into a collection of short and micro fiction….and then back again.
    Since the Shelf was never intended originally as a stand alone book, (The rights issues alone made my head hurt.) I took a long time with it. And then as i realized i had a books worth of material and i was essentially “Done”…I have to admit i dragged my feet on doing the editing and getting it ready for market. I can only chalk that up to raging insecurity. My last couple of projects weren’t as well received as i would have liked, and i was starting to feel as if THIS one was make or break.

    I can say that talking with a friend or two, A few terribleminds essays, and a desire to relieve a certain amount of psychic pressure finally pushed the book out the door.

    But now that it is out the door, I am wondering what in God’s Green Earth made me wait so long?

  • Hahahahhahahaha… funny, cause I write and then draw what I write, which basically triples or quadruples any time would take for a non-cartoonist to do anything. My WIP is hard to describe… it’s semi-autobiographical in some ways, since it’s about a deeply depressive struggling artist trying to paint something permanent and lasting and leave his impression on the cosmos. However, he’s a massive poseur, and desperately wants to please the art scene around him. The story takes off when he accidentally finds a bank robber’s load of stolen money, and he begins to start living the high life of a Warhol/Capote-esque status climbing scenester.

    And just when you think I’m ripping off Dumb and Dumber, it takes a dive when the bank robber is more akin to Christopher Plummer in “The Silent Partner” and Robert de Niro in “Cape Fear”, and what starts as a wacky satire on the art world slowly becomes a nightmarish stalker/thriller when Young Werther finds everything and everybody he’s met since becoming the millionaire layabout he always wanted to be is slowly being killed off in ghastly ways, with the murderer tying each murder to him, making the police close in and he winds up on a Bonnie and Clyde spree across the states trying to hunt down the villain.

    Meanwhile, the only thing he has in his head the entire time is the single dot of paint he left on a canvas in a garret in the shitty part of town, and what it could have been…

    BUT, YES, of course, being a cartoonist AND a writer, this is likely to take me a decade.

  • Latest Whitechapel episode is nearly done. Haven’t started on my MZ contribution yet. Tons of work stuff just hit me in the face. You know, the usual.

  • OK, here’s my status update:

    One short story circulating, looking for a place to land
    One picture book rejection letter this week. Not sure I’ll send the book back out.
    One complete YA novel in revisions, scattered in pieces.
    One YA novel just started and looking all shiny and tempting on the horizon.
    Too many ideas in my head to keep track of.
    One freelance web gig that is killing me and taking all my time away from writing.

    I need a serious ass kicking, please. I know I need to dump the freelance BS (and everything else that sucks away my creative energy) and get serious again about my dreams.

    *falls on knees and sobs*

  • I’ve started working on draft three of my fantasy/steampunky novel today. It’s 98% from the main character PoV, and I need to write some scenes with other characters. Also, I’m getting feedback from beta readers, and I need to find a way to take everything into account while staying true to my vision. I have a publisher expecting a manuscript in March, so I’m on a pretty tight deadline and I shouldn’t be surfing the web =)

    There’s also work to be done on a graphic novel which I’m rewriting from a friend’s draft. Actually, that’s what I should have been doing for the last hour or so. Back to the grind with me, so… =)

  • Novel #1 being shopped by agent, but also in version 2.1 to deal with requests by a specific publisher –final tweeks needed before sending back to Crime Uber Agent Stacia Decker.

    Novel #2 at @25,000 words

    Short requested by CrimeFactory delivered and s/b published late March

    Still haven’t cleaned office. Minivan needs to be gone over by biohazard team. Almost out of bourbon, need to restock.

  • I am struggling to finish a “book of my heart.” Okay, yeah, they’re ALL books of my heart, but this one’s been nagging me for years & years and I’m finally writing it. But it’s a struggle because of life issues. My parents both have Alzheimer’s and I’m the most available to help them with certain things, which takes a couple of days out of my week at least once a month, and I let it mess with my head and my schedule and everything else for pretty much the rest of the week–or month–till I just make myself get back to work.

    That said–I turned in the last book on my contract to my editor and it’s been approved and paid for. The editor has a partial for the first book in a new series while we wait to see numbers and if they want any more of the previous series. My agent has another partial. So I have time to work on this book, even if it is taking more time than I want it to. Which I probably ought to tell my agent. I’m somewhere around 2/3 to 3/4 finished with it.

    @Maggie– Hang in there, and pray the kid decides to be on time. Sometimes, they like where they are and want to stay. Here’s hoping yours is prompt. :) (Yeah. Mine were all late. Sigh.)

  • Dead Money – Western Horror script; crawling to the end of the third (and probably final, for the moment) draft. Well, there will be a 3.5 once we get readers’ comments. But that’s it! The pitch: 1870, Arizona territory, a train crash strands discordant travelers in the brutal desert. They must struggle to overcome their prejudices in order to survive a malevolent horror.

    True Ink: an urban fable set in modern Toronto. A tattoo artist of tremendous skill gets caught in a gang war while trying to protect a young kid who is in over his head. Written as a comic script, and I am trying to beg, borrow, or beat an artist into helping me make this real.

    Codename: LOM – can’t say much, but I’m working up characters (and even have someone drawing some awesome concept sketches) for this “transmedia” property, that’s best described as Blackhawk Down meets John Carter of Mars. Thinking of telling this space opera across a series of vignettes, but while I have the characters coming together I don’t have a spine for it, yet.

    Those are at the top of the list. Next: figure out what’s next, plus revamp the website.

    • @Jesse: Very excited about all that stuff. Consider me another beta reader if you need one.

      @Dan: Oooh! Requests by publisher. Nice. How long’s that novel been out there, getting shopped around?

      @Gail: That’s rough stuff. Hang in there. Good you have the agent and what-not to keep you pushing forth.

      @Amy: You may not need to dump the freelance (is that how you eat and have a home? don’t dump it). You’ve got lots of irons in the fire. That’s good.

      • Also, if anybody has any specific challenges to ask help on of the other commenters — *or* you have need of beta readers of people, ask here. Someone might throw their hat into the ring.

        – c.

  • I’ve got my webcomic, Metamorphosis, to keep plodding along with. I’m managing to stay about 10 pages of thumbnail ahead. I need to start work on Chapter 3′s script, though most of the comic is loosely planned all the way to the end. Beyond that, I have a big piece of artwork I’d like to finish. Bigger than anything I’ve done before with 8 characters and a lot of perspective work.

    I have a few other artistic and writing projects I have on the side but those are my main WIPs right now.

  • The Bones and its 22+ articles and layout, the script, this interview I’m doing for another book, two short stories, a fiction piece for another book, RAZED — they’re all progressing. I can’t talk much about specific progress reports, because most of these are behind closed doors, yet.

  • Ages ago, my agent shopped a novel that didn’t go anywhere. Recently, due to publishing house changes, she asked me whether I wanted her to try it again. Thing is, it’s the start of a series and I am not at all sure I’m involved with those characters enough at this late date to get into a series about them. However, I have serious fears about the WIP (see below) and may ask her to go for it anyway.

    WIP is almost done. Now i’m filling in all the spots i left out (things like HOW DOES SHE GET FROM HERE TO HERE), then edit, then send off to agent and cross fingers she likes it better than the one that came between first one and this one, which she hated.

  • You’ll notice that neither my novel nor December Bride are in there. I don’t know when I can get back to them. Working on things for me feels like stealing time from other projects.

  • Jesse! You reminded me I forgot to include my comic script, which I may be revising later this spring for a potential artist to look at. Like I can find the time for that.

    You need readers, though, Jesse, you know I’m game.

  • Two big WiP’s.

    1) Tokyo Rain – My PvP licensed RPG based on the John Rain series by Barry Eisler. The game part is essentially done though playtesting continues apace while I do some of the general advice writing, e.g., how to create conflict, genre conventions, etc. Still hopeful it will be in print in time for Barry’s next book Inside Out, due in June.

    2) Apokalypsis – A novel I am co-writing with a friend of mine. We wrote a full 90,000-word fantasy novel and shopped it around for a year or two before we realized it just had too many warts and, worse, we could not salvage it. So we did the bravest thing a writer can do: Scrap a finished novel. We started over, keeping only the main character, and rebuilt the story from the ground up. Very excited about it. Only about 4 chapters in, but I can tell there’s some there there.

    • Sweet Molly McMercy. I walk away from the computer for two hours and all this happens.

      Glad to see there’s a lot of WIPs pushing forth, and people are hacking their way through the weeds.

      – c.

  • I think I broke through! I rewrote the first scene, and I am now about to have some lunch then plug into the next. So, WIP now 1335 words long :P

    It isn’t much, but I am actually excited to hit up the next. I just had to reexamine what I’d already done.

  • So I’ve got a 1st draft on 2 novels and a short story, and a pending draft on the third novel.

    Novels are currently undergoing some heavy re-plotting and character development. I’ve started blogging about it, but haven’t done the shameless self promo thing yet. The intention is to blog the entire process, even if it’d make the final product unfit for commercial publication. It’s a trilogy with an intervening short story (between 2nd and 3rd), dealing with crazy chaos magic, daemons from the underworld, and a quest for atlantis. Current focus of my re-plotting efforts is I need a better (or any, period) drawback for my magic system.

    @Paul H. Cipher sounds amazing, I’d love to hear more about it.

  • The Project, a novel I’ve undertaken with the intent to finish and take to publication come hell or high water, stands at 7% complete. 8746 out of a projected 125000.

    Most other writing things are very up in the air right now, and need to be worked around the unforgiving dayjob schedule.

  • Beta readers? What is this, Chuck? GAWD.

    So yeah. I had intended on coming back from my prenatal checkup this morning, having lunch and then outlining my novel, since I felt somewhat energetic… but the minute I got home, I was informed that said doctor’s office had called to let me know they’d set up an OBGYN appointment slated 10 minutes before I walked through the door.

    Cue scrambling for the next 30 minutes trying to find a ride to the complete $20 cab fare other side of town and a second appointment, one which I was not prepared for.

    Goodbye energy. Hello desire to curl up and watch CSI until my brain bleeds out of my ears.

    Also: excuseexcuseexcusebullshitbullshitprocrastination. *ahem*

  • The first draft of my novel is up for critique in two weeks. I’ve also made several pages of notes for the revision. I’m looking forward to the end of the semester so that I can get started. The month of May will be dedicated to rewriting the first chapter and having it ready for the Philadelphia Stories Writers’ Retreat in June.

    I also have the beginnings of a memoir about my year teaching in South Korea, tentatively titled “I Eat Lice”. Two short essays have been submitted to various journals.

    • @John: You mean, The Sekrit Project That’s Technically Already Announced? (Oh, I need to put that on the news page.)

      @Monica — I had no idea you spent a year in South Korea. Very cool. I’m very interested in that. What’s the novel about?

      @Maggie — Hey now. We can all freely use the term “beta readers.” This is the future. We can use words like that. And really, stop worrying about the excuses. You are pregnant. Super-pregnant. You’re excused.

      @Josh — Good stuff. Kick that facker through the goalposts. How’s your WPD on average?

      – c.

  • Hmmm WIP
    #1 – Jewel of the Gods fnatasy novel currently out to the betas. I’m tyring to be nice and patient. But it’s HARD. It’s always so HARD. *ahem*
    #2 – Fanfic for “Supernatural” I am posting this week. Just needs that last minute ‘ohmygodcanIfindonelasttypobeforeit’stoolate!’ knee jerk reaction.
    #3 – New short story for Lee Martindale’s anthology. First one didn’t make it (needs work but I think this bugger will go places!) but she’d asked for it early so said I could try with another. Now to get that to gel. Wheee!
    That’s it…for now… (Next novel is calling to me too. Eek!)

  • Huh. Good excuse to finally delurk.
    I just sent off my novelette “Death in a Tin Can” (sci-fi/mystery).
    I finished the first draft of my short story “The Body and the Bomb” (ditto). Feeling good about it, but it’s pretty rough around the edges.
    Thanks for asking! And congratulations on your own progress.

  • Banged out 6k today on under-wraps Project K, which looks like it’s finally moving forward from design to development. I’m very happy with the direction this game is going in.

    Recently padded the latest Rooksbridge out to 6k, which is more than a little behind as it is shaping up to be at least 12k long and is, theoretically at least, the February chapbook. =P

    And there are other bits and bobs hanging around in creative limbo — the script, the Houses supplement, the maybe-I’m-doing-it-maybe-I’m-not second edition of Full Light, Full Steam. One of the reasons I’m so happy Project K is moving into writing is once it’s finished I’ll have more time for all my other projects!

  • Smut. That’s what I’ve got for you.

    No, really. I’m calling it Smut. It’s a nasty little collection of fiction set in a porn store. Seems too easy, right? Well, piss on you.

    Come on, glory holes and religious leaders with swelling porn collections are hilarious.

    Maybe a little disturbing, too.

    I’m only 5,000 deep, but it’s flowing like a (enter description for loose sexual fluids here), and I’m not bored with the plot lines at all.

    Thanks for little communities like this, Chuck, where it’s equal parts bitching/failure and bragging/excellence.

    • Glad to have you, @FJ.

      Hell, your comment tells me you’re right in the zone when it comes to Terribleminds. Smut. Porn. Sexual fluids. Good times.

      Good luck on the project. Continue to delurk as you see fit.

      – c.

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