Utah, Day Three

It’s snowing. Well, I think it is. Sun’s not really up yet, and I can only kind of see this faint haze out there. The weather tells me that we’ll be getting some snow every day over the next week — gone, perhaps, are the 40 degree days.

I’m a little more cogent this morning than I was during the previous posts, as I’m not writing this at the end of a day, when my brainsponge is swollen to capacity. It’s morning, and the sponge is still oozing Narrative Possibility into my synaptic channels, but at least I’m fairly confident that I’m not jabbering at you in burbles and chirps.

We’re midway through the Lab at this point, and I won’t bore you with details yet (plus, I gotta be out the door in a handful), but so far it’s been a punch to the cerebellum. That sounds like a bad thing, but it’s most certainly not. That punch jars loose a lot of loose nonsense. It offers quick clarity, the same that might come with, say, an adrenalin rush.

Four advisor meetings so far, two more to go. We were warned that it’s possible to come away from this process confused, and that’s okay — different advisors have different opinions, and by showing you the many facts of your work, you may not know what face is the right one.

That hasn’t been our experience so far.

The meetings have been complete layer cake: each piece contributing to the end result, a cohesive thing that tastes of buttercream and story rather than sewage clots and uncertainty. Or something. See earlier note, brain asplodey.

It teaches me that I don’t know jack about jack, and that’s actually more enlightening than it is troubling. Because if you feel like you know everything and you’re at the top of your game, you can’t really get better. I know there’s room to grow, and a lot of old preconceptions that have to tumble by the wayside, but that means the work we’re doing now will only improve.

That’s pretty dang sexy.

I’ll get deeper into that when I have the time and the brainspace to do so — but, for now, I’m just excited to be in these conversations (and that’s what they are, conversations; nobody is speaking down to anybody, this isn’t a teacher-student relationship but rather an experienced writer-less experienced writer relationship), I’m excited to be around such talented peeps.

Oh, and Utah’s alcohol laws don’t suck as much anymore.

All right. Time to go get my head straight. Oh! And pants. I should probably wear pants. I mean, just for the social propriety, sure, though it looks pretty chilly out there today.


  • Bah, pants. What you need is a kilt.

    It sounds like you’re having a great time and learning a lot. Those two don’t often go hand in hand, and I’m glad you’re having that experience out there.

  • “Because if you feel like you know everything and you’re at the top of your game, you can’t really get better. ”

    LOVE this. Glad you’re having an awesome time, Chuck!

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