Utah, Day Two

Fact: I cannot promise to you that the words that are coming out of my fingers right now are not a mish-mash of consonants and ampersands. I think I’m writing a coherent page. The reality of this is likely far different.

Fact: I am tired.

Fact: We spent five hours today locked in intense discussion over the nitty and the gritty of our script. Two advisors of much capability and wisdom coming at the project from two different angles, both awesome, both otherworldly, both super-crazy-holy-shit-helpful.

Fact: My brain is full of ideas. These ideas are competing for dominance in some mad Darwinian Thunderdome. A thousand ideas enter, twelve are allowed to leave.

Fact: Seen three movies today. I will literally see more films this week than I probably saw during my entire 2009. At least, theatrically.

Fact: The food is lovely.

Fact: The room is also lovely. If I had to define it’s style, I would call it “Kokopelli Pimp.” Or, “Tribal Ski Beast.”

Fact: I am surrounded by talent on all sides. It equally buoys and burdens.

Fact: Who the hell are you people? Who let you post blog entries while I was gone? What was I thinking? What is wrong with me?

(Fact: Actually, nice work, people. Even if someone did leave pubic hairs in the dishwasher. That’s just weird. Animals.)

Fact: All day I have been redefining what it means to be a writer. Expect this madness and uncertainty to continue well into this year and perhaps decade, and I will most certainly use this bloggeryspace to mouth off about my nascent mumblyheadedness.





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