Will You Miss Me, Internuts?

I leave super-stupid early tomorrow, so this is my last official missive before I hit the bricks.

I think I’m ready? The first five days are the smackdown. A lineup of incredible screenwriters takes us and our project by the throat and shows us the light. (And it is an incredible lineup with a venerable pedigree. Narnia, Potter, Out of Sight, A Perfect World, Band of Brothers, JFK, Legends of the Fall, and more.) Then, three-four days of the festival proper, in which I’m cramming in… I think about 13 movies in a three-day period.

I had to buy a new keyboard (external) for my laptop, since the lappy is shedding keys the way our Belgian shepherd sheds his coat.

I got the script printed out, bound up, ready to rock.

I’ve got some airplane books. Thought about bringing King’s Under the Dome, but that book weighs about as much as two toddlers duct-taped together (and each holding a brick). Economy says I can carry more books if I don’t bring that one. I’m almost done Finch, and so that should remain at home. I might bring Allan Guthrie’s Slammer, Nancy Mauro’s New World Monkeys, and Cherie Priest’s Boneshaker.

I cobbled together a business card –

I took Will’s advice and dropped that drop shadow (er, that’s not actually redundant, though it sounds it) in the final version that the printer has. Funny story about the card actually, and how’s it’s largely an accident caused on behalf of my wif’e's brilliant intervention. I was just going to do cool text on a backdrop, maybe a texture, and be done with it. She said, “I like that one image of you.” So I grabbed it and dragged it onto the screen (card done in Photoshop), and the image needed to be resized. But we looked at it, and Michelle was like, “That actually looks kind of cool.” Then, when I placed text, the forehead crinkle served as a nice flourish between the texty bits, so… well. There it is.

I’ve still got some more stuff to do (pick up jacket from cleaners, find Plane Snacks, confirm a few things). Otherwise, we’re clear to depart.

Let’s talk about what happens whilst I’m gone.

I’ve no idea how much time I’ll have available for bloggery-do.

I’ll have the iPhone, of course, and you might turn your gaze toward my Tumblr stream. If I take snaps, I’ll live-blog there.

I’ll try to tweet. (Amazing that words like “tweet” are now part of the language, and nobody considers this strange. “I’ll tweet to you later.” “Okay, weirdo.”)

Whatever I can get posted here, I’ll post.

Of course, you’ve got a whole crazy lineup of material coming your way from Minds Brighter Or Weirder Than Mine.

All that said:

Laters, peeps. (I’m actually not gone until 3AM, but, I’ll be running around with my head on fire before then.)


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