The Truth About Operation: Wendig

Earlier, I’d heard rumblings from Rob Donoghue that he was putting into motion something known as “Operation: Wendig.” I assumed he forgot the ‘o’ on the end of it, and he was going to enter a deep freeze, transform into a carnivorous winter beast, and eat the hearts of those who oppose his tribe.

Turns out, not so much.

What Rob was really doing was this:

Operation: Wendig

…that is a hastily thrown-together package, but in case you’re missing what it entails: notebooks, notepads, pens, and best of all, wishes and ideas.

It’s further proof that I don’t deserve the fortune and favor I get when it comes to the people in my life. I am blessed and surrounded by equal parts genius and equal parts kindness, whether it comes from my wife, from my family, or from friends like Herr Doktor Donoghue.

Rob is awesome, and hopefully he knows that these things will travel with me into the deep and mighty heart of Robert Redford’s mind (that’s where the Sundance Screenwriters Lab takes place — inside his head; it’s like that movie, The Lawnmower Man, except it doesn’t suck, and it features more horse whispering), and that I will appreciate these again and again. Further, he may not know this, but he just created a Power Package for me of fetishistic writer implements. Not only do I have notebooks and pens to stroke and whisper to, but I also have the awesome pen my wife procured for me, thus certainly totemizing all of these things and infusing them with Super Word-Making Magic. It’s like Voltron. All the parts come together, and now I will fight evil.

Thanks to Rob for this. Big time.

Further, thanks to everybody for the well-wishes. I’m a really lucky guy, very fortunate to be where I’m at, and in good part I’m here because I’m buoyed by the perpetual awesomeness that orbits me.


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