2009: The Year When Things Occurred And Shit Happened And Stuff And Things

I don’t have any great insight into this year past.

It’s been a good year for the most part. Certainly more in the black than in the red.

Professionally, at least. Personally, it’s had a little rough-and-tumble, but even there, some shining spots.

No need to get too deep. At present, reflection is only going to slow me down. Instead, forward, forward, ever-forward. Legs churning. Bucket on my head. Onward blindly and recklessly.

The good stuff, encapsulated:

  • Hey, holy shit! A proper website! With a WordPress installation! And words that aren’t invisible on Firefox! This is some high-tech biznatch over here. Though, were you so inclined to see what The Past looks like, the old terribleminds ramble archive still exists. Will Hindmarch helped usher me into the 20th century.
  • Im on thuh Twitters, tweetin ur faces.
  • Went to Hawaii. Fell in love with Hawaii. Confirmed my hatred of winter. Damn you, Hawaii. Damn you.
  • I wrote the fourth and fifth draft of a novel.
  • I got that novel repped by a bad-ass agent.
  • Went to LA to pitch a television show with my writing partner.
  • Can’t say more, but maybe, just maybe, that trip to LA went really well.
  • Hit the fifth draft of our film script (HiM) with aforementioned writing partner, and now Lance and I are headed out to the Sundance Screenwriters Lab.
  • Had a bunch of the Hunter: The Vigil books come out. Still excited about that gameline, and so should you be.
  • Got reacquainted with a bunch of great people from Many Moons Ago.
  • Got freshly acquainted with a bunch of great people who come and comment here at this very blog-o-site webbyspace (and thanks for doing so, peeps).
  • Somehow, I inadvertently turned this website into a blog offering profanity-laden writing advice.
  • Wrote more pen and paper games. Also wrote some video games, and did work on an online narrative experience (not-quite-an-ARG).
  • Got to speak at DIY Days in Philly.
  • Shadowstories is up and running (though, from the numbers, I’m suspecting very few people actually read it; which is okay, I get it, reading lots of material online is actually more cumbersome than I had previously anticipated — not sure where we go from here, though. Time will tell).
  • Jet Pack, y’all. Hindmarch + Ingham + Wendig. HIW. You will find a number of free stories there by Yours Truly.

What else?

There’s probably more.

I dunno. It’s been a good year.

I love my life.

I love my wife.

I’m not dead yet.

And so, I keep kicking and screaming.

Onto 2010! Where surely, surely, flying cars finally await.

How was your year, peeps?


  • I had never seen the old site until this moment, and allow me to say, it’s a good change. A good change.

    I’ve fallen behind on Shadowstories the last few weeks, not because I don’t want to read, I’ve just not found the time/quiet to properly do so, and when I do, I’ve used it for more clackityclacking myself. I’ll rectify that, however!

    This year has been good for me, in almost every way. Health is looking up, my son is doing freaking awesome in his therapy and will start school on time, other son has got the tests he needs lined up and is spouting out letters and numbers at an amazing rate, new child coming, and I learned how to make really long run-on sentences separated and endless stream of commas. It has been fun.

    I’ve also met a lot of cool heads in the cyber-world of Job, and until some plot device makes me do otherwise, I am looking forward to spending my e-time with them and making new connections.

    Happy ’09, glad you were here and loved you, but I’m not sorry to see ya go.

    • Yes, the old Terribleminds was something of a web 0.5 atrocity. I mean, it didn’t have glitter or Metallica-emblazoned unicorns, so it wasn’t as bad as Myspace is even now, but still. Ugh.

      We can all raise a glass to Will for getting me off my ass to do this.

      Crazy, though, that I’ve had this domain for ten years now.

      — c.

  • Glad to be of help, Chuck. You’ve truly schooled me, though, in the actual use of the website. All I did was suspect that you had something to say that people would want to hear. It’s one of three times I was right in 2009.

    Here’s to 2010.

    • Will:

      I don’t know that it’s a good thing, but I have no end to the things my brain wants me to say.

      Here’s to 2010, indeed.

      Your Niece,

      — c.

  • I’m very glad you had a good year!

    This might be a little prying, for which I apologize, but I wonder, how’s the having an agent working out for you?

    As for my year, I really can’t complain. All is well on the professional side of things – us tax accounants are in demand pretty much independent from the economic situation. I’ve met some really interesting people, made some great friends. Plus, lots of Tai Chi, which is always good. Things are well.

    • They could write a movie about you. “Tai Chi Tax Accountant!”

      The agent so far is great. She absolutely “gets” the project. She’s working on some line notes for me, and then… well, into the new year, I guess!

      — c.

  • Glad you had a good year. Yeah the last two have been a heavy dose of BAD and GOOD peaks. Really very weird. Did lose a lot of good peeps in that time too. It’s like a death rash. (That can definitely stop).

    As to the Pegasus-Heart – ROFL – DOITDOITDOIT! See how many people sue for sending them into twitching cute overdose. Hee!

    Here’s hoping for an awesome 2010 for all!

  • YOu forgot to mention “JDK is so great. I wish I lived closer so we can hang out and watch movies and I can bask in his awesomeness!” I’ll let it slide though…THIS time. ;)

    And I like Hunter! Especially Collection of Horrors! There’s an awesome pdf out there called Caveat Emptor that everyone should buy. ;)

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