Saturday Specimens Of Hilarity: Flight Of The Conchords

Ye gods, I love this art.

It’s by some dude named Sam Gilbey. He does great work, and I found his site randomly; bop on over, check out his work.

Really, though, we need to talk up some Flight of the Conchords.

I’m not super-late on the Conchords bandwagon, having come into their Kiwi Folk Hip-Hop around the time of their HBO comedy special (a couple-few years before they actually had the series on the same network) — that being said, I know they had a fairly zealous following before that, a cult audience that boosted them. Never forsake a cult audience, is what I’m saying. Well. Okay, no, what I’m actually saying is — why the hell aren’t you digging the Conchords? Is something wrong with you? Did you get a brain parasite from eating too much cat poop? Did a camping hatchet separate your corpus collosum? Are you not a human, but a robot from the distant future?

See, I’m a huge musical comedy fan. When it’s good, it’s great. Give me some Weird Al, Tenacious D, Jonathan Coulton, MC Chris, whatever, I’m good to go. The comedy is good, but the music is good, too.

What compels me to be a fan of the Conchords?

Shit, I dunno.

Maybe it’s because their comedy personas aren’t actually far off from their actual personas.

Could be that their comedy is far reaching — they’ll sweep in low for the dick joke, but they’ll also play with verbal banter, awkward pauses, relationship drama.

Is it that they cover the musical bases? Hip-hop, reggae, folk, 80’s synth, dance, and the like?

I’m not sure I even want to examine it. Some things are simply worth having and experiencing without worrying too much about the whys of the whole deal.

Some quick notes, though —

I love both full release albums, but sometimes, you get better versions of their songs by digging up bootlegs or previous live versions. Some of their NPR recordings from Fresh Air are, in my mind, better than when the versions are fully produced. Don’t get me wrong, some of their songs deserve robust production — Business Time, Too Many Dicks On The Dancefloor, and the like. But others, you want to hear their improvisation, their pregnant pauses, their charming awkwardness. I feel like their personalities come out more in those lesser-known versions.

Also, the TV show is great. First season is better than the second in my mind, but only by like, a tuft of hair. Of course, the shame of it is, the second season ends with them going back to New Zealand (er, spoiler alert? does that matter on an HBO comedy show?), which is apparently not unlike what really happened. Famous for not giving many interviews, apparently the reality is that they’re tired of the show, and so they went back to the big NZ and will not commit to a third season (despite big ratings and a strong following). This is equal parts “sad” and “awesome.” Sad because, fuck it, I want more. Awesome because, even in this their personalities come to the fore — they really are awkward and strange and given over the foibles of musicians and the madness of comedians. A potent emu-kick combo.

Anyway. Yeah. Flight of the Conchords. Diggit.

Grooveshark tracks, below. (Sorry, had to put them in separate little widgets. One widget wasn’t loading the tracks right.)