Music For Frankensteins: Simple Joys, Beautiful Small Machines

In case you missed it, I am a big Bree Sharp fan.

Also in case you missed it, I am a big fan of her new “band,” Beautiful Small Machines.

They have a song out, now, with accompaniment by Duran Duran’s Simon LeBon.

I listen to this song, and I think….

Promethean: The Created.

I just do. I can’t help it.

Here’s the MP3.

The lyrics are, I think:

I was built from the cold of men

With the hands of Marquis de Sade, a cruel facade

If I could somehow spend another day with you

I’d pluck out the eyes of God

I would live in the time of owls

In the days when the world was green, my love machine

Though I bear no mark of war upon me now

Oh the things I’ve seen

Keep me far away from all the noise

I just caught the last boat out of Hell.

I don’t know the joys of simple joys

I’m not feeling well

But I’ll sit real still

If you don’t tell.

There’s a place for us, my dear.

Where the daughters of Orion sing.

Where a man can live without the cloud of fear

Choking everything.


There’s a heartbeat in the wire

There’s a soul caught in the meat

The veins, the feet

We all expire


Anyway, that just screams to me, “Promethean.”

Which makes me want to go play that like, right now.


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