J.C. Hutchins: Child Of The Revolution

Normally, I’m not big on recommending books I haven’t read yet. This’ll be an exception to that rule.

7th Son: Descent hits today. And I’m telling you to go buy it. (Or, if you’re into awesome incentives, buy many.)

Why buy it?

First, J.C. Hutchins is good people. He did it his way. He was not thwarted. The guy’s a goddamn machine. (Or, shit, maybe he has a buncha clones of himself running around. It would explain a lot.) If you do not choose to believe that he is either machine or clone, perhaps consider him in the running for a writer totem spirit — some ancient entity deep in the woods, fueling your beating heart and churning guts with the mighty power of Bad-Ass Writing. (Reference: My writing partner interviewed Hutchins over the summer for the Workbook Project. Listen here.)

Second, because I went ahead and checked out the first ten chapters of the book, which are free to you should you choose to click here. They’re good. They’re real good. Some books, even good ones, present a kind of “barrier to entry.” Not this. It’s a smooth read. It’s Colt 45 with Lando Calrissian. (Though, it’s arguably also like the Sarlacc, what with the “sucking you in helplessly until it’s done with you” part. But much prettier.)

And that’s that. I’m off to go buy the book. Maybe you want to, too. Honor the totem spirit. Leave a bloody heart on his altar, tonight.


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