Painting With Shotguns VIII

Photochop: Messy Hipster Hair Hm? Huh? Whuh? Oh, it’s you. I know, I know, you’re expecting a post on writing horror. It’s coming. Shut up. Just relax. Take these quaaludes. Loosen your pants. Drink this. Put on this giraffe costume, it’ll feel so natural. Wait, what? Oh. Uhh. What I mean is, it’s another Painting With Shotguns. Boom.

  • Wait, I wrote something in 140-character microbursts? Wuzza? Weird.
  • Pay the writer!
  • Rick Carroll will now talk to you about Brutal Legend and game design over at his sexy new space.
  • Now, let me talk to you about Brutal Legend. It’s awesome, isn’t it? … Okay, it’s a lot less awesome than it was when I first cracked the case. It’s still good stuff. The story is super-fun. The animation and concept and gameworld… all spot on. But when the game reaches full-bore RTS mode, I start to feel like the game is trying to be too many other games. Listen, it’s partly just me. I don’t dig RTS games. It’s like chess, except all the pieces are moving at once. I can’t keep track of that kind of shit. I like turn-based games. Civilization, f’rex. Or turn-based RPGs like Knights of the Old Republic. I can’t be keeping track of 50+ headbanger dudes and gun chicks and healer bikes all at once. I don’t have the brain function. I feel like I’m being eaten alive by a swarm of ferrets. The execution feels clumsy, but again, that might just be me. I dunno. I’m still enjoying it, but the game won’t be a keeper.
  • Oh, thank Christ — the future called, and it’s trying to sabotage the Large Hadron Collider. Whew!
  • The agent search goes. I’m above 20+ queries so far. Got two responses back, both positive, so we’ll see. I’m always waiting for the floor to drop out on stuff like this. I expect it to.
  • Other work continues apace. The ARG is looking good; good reports from our overseers on that project. The TV and film project — well, the uncertain game of inches continues. Inch by bloody inch! Hurrah.
  • I continue to wonder if maybe the font size on this site is too small. I’m wondering if I’d benefit from some better, stronger, serif typography. Go to John Scalzi’s site — try “Writing Tips For Non-Writers Who Don’t Want To Work At Writing” — priceless shiznit, that — and you’ll see what I’m talking about.
  • Rob Donoghue says very nice things about me. He’s a peach, that one. Nice words from him are especially special (er, I guess it’s, “are especial”) because he’s not only a stand-up dude and all-around lovely bloke, but he’s also smarter than you. No, really, he is. Check out the rest of his blog, and tell me he’s not. I dare you. I double-dog dear you. With mustard. Shut up.
  • Now caught up on second season of Leverage. Beyond one or two blotchy spots where the convenience is showing, I adore it. Good times. It knows good TV and it shoves it in your face, and you love it.
  • I have Google Wave, but I don’t know what to do with it. I feel like I’m the only guy with a cell phone. Who do I talk to with this thing? What do we talk about that I can’t do over email? Help?
  • It’s time to start outlining another novel. I’ve got it mind-mapped. Next, characters, actually, and then an outline. That’s probably a post, right there. My plans for how. Hrm.
  • Final note: You coming to GameX game expo? You should, because as noted, I’m there. Sunday, I think. Though, I don’t have a proper schedule, and can’t find one on the site.