Painting With Shotguns VI

Terrible Minds Logo (Misc) Time, once again, to draw on the wall with crayon, see what kind of picture emerges.

  • John Newman. You know John Newman? Sure you do. John’s a great writer, and is responsible for tons of shit you love, even if you didn’t know it — like. say, the Hognose in Armory Reloaded, or the awesome magic rules in Witch Finders, which I always always always type as “Witch Fingers.” Anyway. Point is, John has hisself a website, yessuh. Proximity Muse. Go there. Show him love. Force him to occupy its spaces.
  • You know what I want to learn? I want to learn how to draw. I always wanted to learn. Like, really learn. Just for giggles. Just to keep my visual mind going. I’ll have a post on that soon — how keeping the visual mind active helps in writing. I’m thinking of taking a class, unless anybody suggests another path.
  • Here’s another thing I want, since we’re appeasing the crying infant within me: I want to play multiplayer games with people who aren’t total strangers, or at the very least, people who aren’t totally shitty strangers, people who won’t call me words that rhyme with “naggot” and “figger.” I rock the Xbox Live under gamertag weaver42. Once upon a time, I was very good at blowing digital holes through the enemy and spraying pixilated blood everywhere. Not so much anymore. I’m rusty, like a bike that’s been sitting in the rain. Anybody up for it? Anybody? *crickets, tumbleweeds*
  • You know what’s good? Damn near anything made for Target’s Archer Farms brand. Their coffee is great. Just effin’ delicious. It is, I think, the best coffee I’ve found at retail. Starbucks is, of course, the worst. Starbucks makes all their coffee taste like road tar. Mmm. Road tar.
  • Keith Olbermann. Health care debate. Read it.
  • Guy writes novel in three days, and you can watch it happen online. You can also watch his sanity unravel as he takes snapshots of himself during the writing of each. Go, MCM. Go.
  • Okay, a specific music question: anybody listening to the Dead Weather? Worth it? Not worth it? I like what I hear, but I’m hesitant to throw money.
  • Speaking of throwing money? Arkanoid for the iPhone. Arkanoid for the godsdamn iPhone. Arkanoid. iPhone.
  • I’m reading a book about the Manichaean religion, as well as the oft-mentioned Crafty TV Writing. This means I am not yet reading all of Robert McCammon’s Mister Slaughter, which is a crime. A crime. I need some time to eat up that book. That there is another blog post in the wings: Why You Should Worship Robert McCammon Like I Do.
  • Ooooh,I also bought the Good Eats uberbook. More specifically, Good Eats: The Early Years.
  • I might have news soon. Might.
  • I might also have another paying project soon. Might.
  • I might be selling a bunch of nWOD books soon. Actually, not even “might.” I am. Soon. Next week maybe? New books. Cheaper than asking price. Like, several dozen titles. Keep your grapes peeled.
  • Thanks to Filamena, I recommend the Editorial Ass blog for you up-and-coming writers.
  • Psst. This rest stop is for assholes. Also, Shadowstories is going twice a week. Double bang for your double buck. Double penetration. Yeah.
  • Finally: Placenta Teddy Bear. You win, Internet. You win.


  • You oughta try hooking up with Stephen on ye olde Xbox. Or even in real life if Irish is your thing. The missus and I have been discussing buying one of them things. Might do as this years X-mas present to ourselves.

  • 1) I too would love few things more than to learn how to draw. Be curious if you find any potential paths.

    2) I’m RuleZero on XBL, but I haven’t bothered to pay for a gold membership because I have too few multiplayer games (I’m a Console RPG kind of guy) but I might be convinced to shell out, esp now that the budget has been freed up by quitting WoW.

    3) I’m curious about your impressions of Good Eats: the Early Years. I saw it in a bookstore, but I could not immediately tell what I would get out of it that I don’t get from

    -Rob D.

    • If you go Gold, give a shout. With Halo: ODST out and the forthcoming Modern Combat 2, I’m looking to hop back into multiplayer madness.

      As for Good Eats — I figure having a handy one-book reference is useful, plus it supposedly has lots of cool trivia tidbits and behind the scenes stuff, plus New New New recipes. Or something.

      Alternately, I’m a sucker.

      – c.

  • Also, Archer Farms has some real stinkers among the winners (specifically anything diet – the artificialness tastes turned up to 11). But I love Target, so I forgive much. I’ll try the coffee sometime – Eight O’Clock is my current mass-market bean of choice, but I’m always up for something new.

    -Rob D.

    • I tend to avoid “diet” anymore because I’ve found little evidence of it doing much for me (YMMV, of course).

      Archer Farms, I’ve had:

      Coffee (best bean coffee I’ve bought from a non-local roaster)
      Cookies (great; their cranberry-orange cookies, now on clearance, are/were delicious)
      Monkey Bread mix (mmmm)
      Pizzas (frozen pizzas of their are surprisingly good for frozen pizzas)
      Chips (good)
      Peanut Butter (fine, but nothing exciting)
      Milk (fine, I guess; is creamer than normal, and I drink skim or 1% usually)
      Cereal (mixed; some are so good it’s stupid, some are the taste and consistency of charcoal briquettes)
      Ice cream (good enough, comparable to good Breyers or Haagen Dazs, *not* comparable to local favorite Owowcow in Ottsville).

      – c.

  • You know, I’m really REALLY crunchy in my birth politics. I love all the crazy whacked out aspects of hippies and child birth. The one thing that I can’t get my head around is messing around with the placenta. I’ve read really good arguments for eating it, burying it, drying it out and letting it stay attatched to the child until in naturally falls off (No really, google ‘Lotus Birth’ if you don’t believe me,) turning it into pills or a milk shake, all that. (I’ve never seen the placenta teddy bear, that’s a new one to me.)

    And despite all the things I’ve read about it, I’m still not turned on to the whole ‘messing around with a placenta’ thing. I can’t bring myself to even consider eating it, drinking it, carrying it around in a pretty purse. Nope. Can’t. Don’t even really want to look at it, miracle organ that it is.

    Don’t tell the other crunchy hippy natural birth women, they’ll never forgive me.

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