Painting With Shotguns V

Terrible Minds Logo (Misc) Once more, it’s late in the week and my brain is overfull. So, I tip the skull-mug that is my head over onto your monitor, and let the sweet mindjuices run everywhere. It’s time to paint with a shotgun.

  • If you like short fiction, and you like… me? Then you should read a short story I wrote. It’s over at Jet Pack, and it’s called “Beware of Owner.”
  • As noted, I’m looking for an agent, Also as noted, I was looking to maybe release my recent novel for free and build audience. The first is true, the latter is no longer true. In my search for an agent, I accomplished quickly what I thought would take me weeks of agonizing anxiety — I finished the query letter! Woo-hoo! I’ve tried to write those things before and they always killed me. The act of distilling a 300-page novel down to a single paragraph was always gut-punching. Maybe it’s because I’ve grown as a writer. Maybe it’s because I’ve been writing this query letter in my head for months. I dunno. I do know that I got the draft of it done, the wife took a pass at it, I tweaked as per her suggestions, and it feels good. I’m gonna let it sit for the weekend, see how it looks after. But it’s one solid page. Hook, pitch, bio, close.
  • I check a number of design blogs in the morning. You’d think I would read writing blogs, but that’s often an afternoon thing after I’m done writing for the day. I read Smashing Magazine sometimes, and this morning I came across, “How to Respond Effectively to Design Criticism.” It’s great stuff. And, dearest darling writermonkeys, it applies to you, too. Swap out “design criticism” for “writing criticism,” and it’s still pretty spot on.
  • Interesting people continue to do interesting things. Have you checked out David Hill’s Terminus Est game? Are you caught up on Hell Harbor, or the Whitechapel Project? (Oh, and do not forget to bear witness to the funniest old-school D&D chat window exchange since… uhh. Have there been others?) Do you know the secret of Jess Hartley’s Project Tacoshark? Are you prepared to pony up the ransom for Greg Stolze’s short story, “Regret, With Math?” (And did you know that he pronounces his name Stolz-EE? What the hell, Greg? You just had to get fancy with that little flourish, didn’t you? Be careful, man! Don’t you know what happened to Icarus?)
  • Once more, the Vermin Anthology is back from the dead, and once more, my short story “Squirrel Skin” has made the cut. More information when I have it.
  • It is a new TV season. You wanna know what new shows I’ve been watching and liking? Here goes: Community and Modern Family are two of the best sitcoms to hit TV in years. I ain’t fuggin witchoo. Both are hilarious, but possess a certain poignancy in the execution and character interaction. Glee continues to be top shelf, though I did feel the last episode wavered a little — but, still, Kristin Chenoweth! FlashForward was better last night with the character growth, but something about that show isn’t quite firing (and it won’t matter because Community will soon cover that time slot). I’m also a recent NCIS convert (no, really), but the new one, NCIS: Los Angeles feels a bit pedestrian as yet. (But — Linda Hunt as Edna Mode!)
  • Oh, and as regards my earlier House post? They second episode of the season focused on the rest of the character stable more than it did House himself, but they do good things with him regardless, things that could elevate this show back to its proper glory. The Andre Braugher therapist character remains, which is a welcome surprise. House’s Vicodin addiction is a specter lurking at the edges. House’s leg pain has returned. He’s living with Wilson. He’s obsessed with becoming Alton Brown (er, essentially). It’s interesting. I’m in.
  • The “drongo” is a great name for a bird. Good job, bird.
  • I sucked it up and bought the full version of SimpleMind mind mapping software for the iPhone. Glad I did. I get instant PDFs and weblinks, and the PDFs are clear for printing and viewing. While I was waiting for the wife’s car to get its tampons changed or whatever they do down there at Suburu, I went ahead and mindmapped the shit out of two more novels (sequels to the aforementioned novel I hope to pitch), and bandied around ideas for two more. Have I mentioned that the iPhone has dramatically increased my productivity levels?
  • Batman: Arkham Asylum was great. Batman had a baby with Bioshock, and it was this game. Has some of the most intuitive fighting found in a third-person actioner.
  • Halo: ODST is good so far, though not great. Haven’t cracked the multiplayer yet; still waiting for that urge to be called homosexual or racist epithets because I shot some dude with a rocket launcher. Once the urge manifests, though, I’m on it! Multiplayer, here I come!
  • Spoiler warning — Kev of Alice and Kev has died. Awwwww. It makes me want to play Sims 3 again. Maybe just let it run in the background. See what they do.
  • I think I’m going to do a panel at GameX? I think? With Filamena, David, and Marty? More as I know it!
  • Other projects continue apace. Film and TV move forward incrementally, by inches if not by miles, but I still can’t share the good news on either front. Just know that the news remains good. Though I’m always prepared for it to whip back like a lashing cord and take out an eye.
  • I have a sore throat. Booooo.