The Great American Agent Hunt, 2009

Gears and Gold: Like Clockwork, Part II It’s time.

I need an agent.

I have products and projects that are starting to bubble and boil over.

I have a novel. This novel is complete. I think it is a good novel. I’ve got a WordPress installation ready to go, and a plan to release this sucker for free reading online.

Still, I want it published. Out there. In the world. That means I need a publisher. That means I need an agent.

I’ve done the agent search before, but I’ll admit, I probably half-assed it. Even still, having half-assed it I received good response and bad response in equal measure.

I open it up to you crazy kids. Dear Readers, any advice? Any snidbits of wisdom you can offer? Any hunk of meat I can get in my mouth, I’ll take it. I’ll chew it. I’ll savor it. Personal experience trumps anything you read in a book, so I’m eager to hear about your trials and triumphs. I’m sure I’m not the only one out there on this hunt right now, so maybe we can make this a temporary dumping ground of helpful chatter and commiseration. Come. Share. Take a nap. Eat some potato chips. Tell stories. Ask questions. Something.

I’m committed to making this happen, but I want to go in fully armed with all the info.

Help me, Obi-Wan Keno — er, I mean, help me, Terribleminds readers. You’re my only hope.

Well, you and lots of caffiene.