Painting With Shotguns II

Exsanguinated My head is full of thoughts like bees, and so it’s time for another installment of Painting With Shotguns. A slapdash rigamarole of unconnected whoosits! A blathering blither of blissful bluster! A dithering dather of dusty dumbness!

  • Did you not know that we’re giving away a free copy of Night Horrors: Wolfsbane to some intrepid reader over at The Storyverse? Bonus points for checking out our RPG game design chatter at that very same Infi-Net location!
  • This guy will not read your fucking script. And good for him. Time to stop thinking of writers as priests. We are your plumbers, except instead of a snake and plunger, we have nouns and verbs.
  • Beatles: Rock Band is a concoction with equal parts Awesome and Disappointment. Awesome = the design. Beautifully rendered game. It creates a very focused experience, a neat story progression through the songs of the Beatles. But, as a game? It falters. I play drums. That’s all I do on Rock Band. Ringo was not the greatest drummer in the world. Yes, as the band grew, so did their musical abilities. But Ringo’s work is a fairly simple affair. Worse, they’ve removed any panache from the process — no random fills for you, for that would apparently weaken the Beatles brand! You will play their music and only their music! *salutes* The other thing is, it might’ve been cool to be able to design a Beatles-like avatar. Y’know, use the “branded” Beatles look through the decades to create your own “fifth Beatles member,” but that can’t happen. You play the Beatles. That’s it. As a result, the level of investment is, I find, a little too clinical, like a museum visit where I’m allowed to choose what song I listen to, and thaaaaat’s about it. It is fun, though, so…?
  • Batman: Arkham Asylum is 9/10ths Awesome, and 1/10ths Roid Rage Character Design. Every damn character in this game looks like a lump of gravel glued to an armature with latex pulled over him. Hulking, blistering, veiny beasts. Even Harley Quinn is sexed-up and somehow still looks like a pin-up for Roid Rage Journal. But you stop caring soon enough, because in this game, You Are Batman. You control him perfectly. It’s really exciting stuff. Now, if you could just play Batman in Beatles: Rock Band
  • Oh, speaking of game design — you can’t hurt yourself by flitting over to Malcolm Sheppard’s Mob United site. This post, right here, is a good place to start, matter of fact. Oh, and David Hill is feeling his way through a Creative Commons game design space for the Terminus Est RPG. Check that out, too.
  • I can’t yet officially announce the Good News that came out of LA yet, but please be advised that it remains good news.
  • I can’t officially announce the Good News that will hopefully come out of the Toronto Film Fest, either, but let’s just go with the notion that we are now, I think, semi-officially-maybe-sorta in development. Anybody have scads of money they’d like to invest in a film? Call me! We’ll do lunch! And kill hookers! … what?
  • Story Songs’ll be back. This, I swear. Tomorrow, probably.
  • Speaking of films, District 9 has done over $100 million. On a $30 mil budget. That’s good news for the people who want to make movies like that (ahem, me). I mean, look at it: the new Harry Potter has, what, $295 mil in the bank so far? That’s huge. That’s great. Of course, the movie cost $250 mil to make. Plus, a lot heavier (read: costlier) marketing. So, the profit there is slimmer than what you’d get with District 9. Now, that’s an overly simplistic view, of course, but you get the idea. You can do “big movies” in a small way and have a greater chance of bringing in a more significant pay-day. Neill  Blomkamp made a great movie, too — that’s definitely a big part of it.
  • Glee is great fun. It’s like an evil version of High School Musical. The great thing is, it gets it. It gets how mean, and how adult, high school can be. Hell, the series premiere deals with premature ejaculation, celibacy, bulemia, and OCD. It skewers that culture in a sarcastic-yet-totally-sweet way.
  • The Vampire Diaries, on the other hand, does not get high school at all. “We had sex in a drug haze!” “Just chill yourself. “Chill myself? Is that stoner language?” This is not high school. This is not anything. Just casually… steer clear. Find something else to do. Go crochet a cozy for your revolver. Go swim with eels. Go yell at your dog. Something. Anything.