Painting With Shotguns

16.67% I don’t have time for a more cogent post, so I figure I’ll just throw a bunch of Cool Shit at the wall, and see how much of it sticks, and how much of it plops to the linoleum.

Here goes.

  • You have a poor diet. You’re not eating enough creative serial fiction. Don’t lie. It’s okay. No worries. Daddy Wendig is here to show you the way and cook up some sweet, sweet garbage for you to eat. So, here’s the hat trick: Shadowstories is up to Chapter 6 by now, and the story is ongoing. Justin Achilli’s Hell Harbor asks you to vote on what a particularly surly group of pirates is up to. And Eddy Webb’s Whitechapel Project seeks your not-so-gentle guidance on determining the fate of the mysterious VI.
  • Speaking of Shadowstories, the One Known As Marty and I got together to suss out game mechanics. We’re always on the hunt for input, though. Hop over to “It’s Getting Gamey In Here” if you have thoughts on what a crazy sci-fantasy satire game could look like.
  • Does your cat make too muuuuch noise? Try Kitten Mittens!
  • Speaking of TV (er, sorta), it’s not impossible that I have very good news about television and my relation to it. I’ll say no more until details emerge in a more official manner. But things are looking shiny.
  • Speaking of shiny (er, sorta), I am reading David Morrell’s The Shimmer. Started it in LA. It’s very good. It’s not quite at excellent yet, but I’m only halfway through. It’s a very sharply-plotted suspense novel based loosely off of the Marfa Lights phenomenon. Morrell is also the guy, by the way, who invented Rambo. For real.
  • Subterranean Press was super-awesome-nice enough to send me — for free! — the ARC of Robert McCammon’s newest, Mister Slaughter. It has taken inhuman, improbable will on my behalf not to put down The Shimmer and start hungrily digesting the new McCammon. Oh! Also really cool, McCammon talks a bit about Boy’s Life over at his site, and gives us a loose update on the protagonist of that book from many moons ago. Anyway. Buy his newest when it hits. I will, even though I have a copy. Maybe I’ll buy one and give it away, because everybody should know an appreciation of McCammon’s work.
  • Ich bin podcasted! That’s right. The fine gents over at Darker Days, Vince and Mark, have an episode featuring me up: please to enjoy, Darker Days #9: The Chuck-Man Cometh. There you might learn a little bit about Hunter: Compacts & Conspiracies and World of Darkness: Mirrors. Just putting it out there, gameheads.
  • You’ll find some good stuff over at Jess Hartley’s website: she’s making sure you geeks all act proper-like. Heed her advice. She’s not speaking to you from above. This ain’t no sermon on the mount. She’s down on the plains with the rest of us (this is where you start chanting, “One of us, one of us!”).
  • Some killer new stuff over at Jet Pack. Wood’s got Rebecca and the King of All Snails, which you’ll love, and Will’s got a little taste of a fallen future in The Flying Lie.
  • I don’t know why you’re not watching Leverage on TNT. Actually, I don’t know why, up until a week ago, I wasn’t watching Leverage, either. It’s big fun, and it’s sharp as a pin.
  • Newcastle Brown Ale is a delicious beer.
  • Evernote and Mindmapping continue to be my best friends in the whole wide world.
  • Tomorrow-ish, I should have a post about outlining when writing. Curiously, or perhaps not curiously, I am first outlining it.