The City of Angles: Day Three

I’m making a note here: “Huge success.”

Day three is done.

  • Morning meeting in Burbank. Technically, Burbank isn’t all that far from LA from what I can tell, but in the morning (and maybe at most hours), it turns into something of equal parts “clotted artery” and “parking lot.” Still, we made it to the meeting, and that meeting went startlingly well. It’s nice to be pitching with people of powerful caliber and mad crazy pitch-fu. It’s also nice they let me speak. Its also nice I don’t throw up on myself. High-fives all around.
  • Going there, we passed by Dark Delicacies. I have always yearned to go to Dark Delicacies, but me being on the Other Coast, I always assumed I’d never be near it, so I didn’t actually pay attention to its precise location. Well, suddenly, it’s precise location was practically up my ass. Lance was keen to stop (he’d even done a signing there for Head Trauma). I went in. I whirled around like it was the Sound of Music, and I was a Swiss girl on a hilltop. I bought the Dark Delicacies II anthology, as I have a collection of signed Joe R. Lansdale books. Picked up something for the wife, who I miss deeply, and who packs a bag like a crazy bag-packing ninja.
  • Then, I got to see CAA. Got to see the inner workings of one of the biggest agencies out here. Dizzying. Er, in a good way.
  • Next pitch meeting…
  • Oh, canceled.
  • Oh! Okay, not canceled. Moved to next week, when I’m not here. Oh, and we picked up… wait, what, four more meetings?
  • Lunch at some chicken place, and dinner at the Westside Tavern again.
  • Drinks with Steve Peters! Holy shit! Don’t know him? Yes, you do. You remember “Why So Serious?” I’m sure. Well, then you know, and surely appreciate, the work of Steve Peters. Great guy. Smart guy. Big thinker, in the right way. He knows what’s up.
  • And now… uhhh. I’m here. Writing to you. Tomorrow is another day, and more meetings, and who knows? Last full day in LA, though. Anything I should partake in, let me know. I’ve been trying to make Jeff Tidball‘s awesome recommendations work for me, but so far, it just hasn’t panned out — but, it’s not impossible I’ll be back this way, so I shall store them in my head the way a squirrel stores nuts in his cheeks.
  • (Heh. Nuts.)
  • Oh, one more thing: thanks to everybody who sends along well-wishes and thumbs-up. You people are awesome. If you’re waiting on emails or comments from me, just know I’m running around like Mike the Headless Chicken over here, so me not getting back to you is not because I hate you or you smell. It’s just because I’ve blood fountaining from my feathery neck stump.
  • Oh! Saw a coyote. It did not pull any coyote tricks on me. At least, not that I know of. He didn’t steal my penis, either, as coyotes are wont to do. For reals. Damn cock-thieving magic coyotes!