News From The Wendighaus

Poppa Art Hey! Stuff. News. Things. Events. If you actually care about updates to my crazy life, here goes:

First, what’s releasing at Gen Con? Geist! That’s right. Time to rock the World of Darkness as a death-dealing, life-loving Sin-Eater. I wrote a goodly bit of the book (including the opening fiction, of which I’m particularly proud — “Rum is the Drink the Dead Like Best”). Get excited! Holy crap!

Second, what’s up over at the Storyverse? Why, that must be the next chapter in Shadowstories: The Infi-Net Revolution3: The Weasel and the Geek! Who is Pillow Cat? Why is there a push-pin pig? Is that a giant weasel with a shotgun? Answers point to: click and find out! Holy shit!

Third, how’s that crazy Jet Pack shit doing? Why, it’s doing just great, thanks for asking. Have you discovered the Radioactive Monkey? Have you finished Memory Sticks? Holy Jeebus!

Fourth, what the hell else is going on over there at the madhouse in which you live? Are you still working on a mysterious film project? Are you still fiddling with an enigmatic TV project? Are you going to Los Angeles in just over a week on behalf of one or both of these ever-so-curious projects? Signs point to: Sweet Unmerciful Fuckbuttons! Yes!

Fifth, what the hell is that stupid picture of you with the dots and the paisleys? Oh Em Gee, I can’t stop playing with Photoshop the way a young boy can’t stop fiddling with his privates at Wal-Mart! I’m getting better, though many of my projects still look like visual miscarriages on-screen, but hey, that’s all good. I just figure that being a writer these days means bringing skills to the table beyond the actual writing. Big Fat Bag of Squirming Shit Kittens!

Loud noises! Dramatic gestures! Glossolalia!

*passes out*


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