A Tasty Treat For You On Chuck Wendig Day

Splatter Portraits Holy crappin’ crappity crap! Another blog post? Two in one day? Say it isn’t so!

It is so, Internuts. I totally forgot that this is Chuck Wendig Day! Okay, don’t get excited, White Wolf isn’t having a sale — they did that last year, and that’s an old link, but I don’t see any reason not to have pony rides and parades and batter-fried monkey nipples or whatever it is that makes your grapefruit squirt.

But me, I’m the kind of guy who likes to give back a little something. To give you silly kittens something free, something that’ll put food in your bellies, a roof over your heads, and narrative ecstasy coursing through your veins. I’m engendering world peace, here. Don’t forget it.

The first tasty treat relates to an earlier mention — Eddy Webb’s Whitechapel Project goes live today, and you can actually read the first chapter right here, right now, over at Holy Shit, Free Thing.

The second tasty treat is, also as mentioned, we’ve got Chapter 2 live over at Shadowstories, so go and visit with the Celestial Chorus, willya?

The third tasty treat is, holy sweet Jeebus I’m a machine of self-promotion, make it stop — me! My voice! Talking to you! The Internets! About Hunter: The Vigil! A link, you say? A link, I give!

Fourth and final — ye gads! An orange that looks like a vagina! An orangina! Eee! Squee! Isn’t the Internet fun?


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