Shadowstories: The Infi-Net Revolution

Shadowstories: The Infi-Net Revolution

That’s right. The Revelation of the Revolution.


7/29/09. One week from today.


The Storyverse [thestoryverse-dot-com]. New digital home of Shadowstories.


Serial fiction. A mix of sci-fi, fantasy, pulp, and above all else, humor.


Me, Chuck Wendig, and my Ideal Reader and playground buddy, Martin C. Henley. This is something that started about, ohhh, 18 years ago. This is a reiteration of it, a new project born of long-standing work.


On the Intertubes, of course. He writes 1500 words. I write 1500 words. We don’t plan it in advance. We don’t know what the other is going to write. It tumbles forth, out of our brain. Cliffhangers ensue. Craziness erupts.

We aim above all else to entertain, and to make you people laugh. We’ll hike down your pants and tickle your perineums if we have to. Don’t make us. We’re rude enough to do it.

The Revolution Is Almost Here.


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