Watch The Stars

The Revolution Is (Still) Coming

Sometimes, I look up in the sky, and I think, “Jesus Christ, that’s a lot of stars and planets.”

“No,” Jesus says back, “that’s a lot of stories.

And I clap Jesus on the back, and he gives me the thumbs-up.

“True that, Jesus.”

“You might even say it’s infinite,” he says, offering a wink. “A universe within a universe. A story within a story.”

“I don’t know what that means,” I tell him. “Don’t be coy, Jesus.”

But he just winks again. “Infinite.” As if that word means something to him.

And then he’s gone on the wind, riding on the back of a bluebird, raising his flaming machete to the sky. And I’m all like, “Where did he get that awesome machete?”

The Revolution Is Coming.