Shiznit Be Goin’ On

Maybe you people hunger for updates about what I’m doing. Palms pressed to monitor screen. Eyes unblinking, drying out. Lower lip, quivering. You moan. You whimper. “What’s he up to?” you mumble. “I gotta know. Sweet Mary and Baby Jesus, I gotta know.”

Could be that you don’t give a crap. I don’t give a crap if you don’t give a crap. I’m telling you what I’m doing anyway, if only so I have a blog entry for when my brain eventually succumbs to dementia and I need to follow the breadcrumbs back through my life.

This is what up.

  • Jet Pack continues to punch through the ionosphere and into your hearts and minds. I have a new piece posted over there. You like zombies? You like pudding? What about sandwiches? Then this is for you. Go. Now. This Guy. Read it. Pretty please with a zombie’s gall bladder on top?
  • World of Darkness: Mirrors is going to be a book that punches you right in the sensibility centers of your brain. It’s going to knock you for a crazy loop because it is stuffed with material. Bulging, like David Bowie’s crotch in Labyrinth. Of course, it’s kicking my ass, because it’s a lot of fiddly bits to develop. But, it moves forward.
  • The film script is moving toward its fourth draft. The draft changes are noted up. Have a meeting today to go over it.
  • The TV project also moves forward in the game of inches. The pilot is outlined. So far, it looks good. Just have to carry the ball forward, hope everybody else digs it.
  • The Revolution will be Internetized. You can just ask Marty. He knows what waits in These Dark Tubes.
  • You haven’t heard of Serial Box yet, but you will.
  • Head on over to Andrew Conti’s site, where you’ll find his paintings. Drew and I might do a little project together if his time shakes out. His work is awesome, no matter how you shake it.
  • The novel moves. It has to accommodate a lot of other work, but I get in my word count in the moments between seconds, and it’s allowed me to get up over 50k. That’s something, especially since I don’t see it going past the 70k mark. So, I’m closer to the end than I am the beginning. I just have to figure out what the unmerciful bejeezus I’m going to do with it. I’m taking suggestions, up to and including “Waffle House Placemat!”
  • I killed a man in Reno, but not to watch him die. I killed him because he stole my sweet-ass calculator watch.


  • Progress! I don’t know what it is, but I am drastically looking forward to the Revolution.

    And you’re work on Jet Pack has been great.

    • Slowly, but surely, the game of inches. That’s all I can ask for. :)

      Glad you like Jet Pack!

      The Revolution will steal your keys.

  • By the way, Filamena, it was nice to get to finally meet you at Origins. I was so frazzled by my rapid pass-through of the show that my retention of things like the subjects of conversations in pretty bad, but I remember that you were delightful and that your daughter is a quiet but darling belle.

    Who’ll be at Gen Con? Anyone?

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