Tighten The Straps On Your Jet-Pack

Jet-PackStraps tightened? Fueled up? Wingsuit greased? Turbojets lubed? Have you waxed the chrome to an eye-blinding gleam?

Good. Then you’re ready to head on over to Jet Pack.

And just what will you find there?

You’ll find we three amigos, we three damn egos: Will “Thrill Kill” Hindmarch, Howard “Wood” Ingham, and yours truly. You’ll find a place where our fiction can live and breathe and play with all the other fiction. It’s a place where we’re going to try out a self-publishing model, a place to build some audience, a place to establish us as a brand, a place to take our beloved work and strap it to a shiny rocket and fire it off so it punches a hole in the literary ionosphere.

Want a better explanation? Check out “The Dirty Model,” which contrary to the title, is not a filthy trollop dragging her oily heels down a fashion runway.

Meanwhile, you’re saying to yourself, “Self, how do I get involved? My fiction wants to play all the reindeer games.” And I say to you: Jet Pack’s just taking off. It’s a test. If it works — if people like you support it, if it gets the hits and the looky-loos and the love, it’ll grow. So, help us out. Spread the love. Tell others what’s out there. Tell them what’s possible.

And then hand them a jet pack.

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