The Daily Intertubes

Green Fairies Disclaimer: This is purely an excuse to use my “The Intertoobs” tag more than, say, once.

Maybe you care, maybe you don’t, but if you want to know what sites I tend to read daily, and why, then feel free to peruse on. If you don’t want to know that, then… I dunno. Take a nap. Go fishing. Just stop looking at me, because it’s creepy. Now, on with the Interwebbery:

CHUD: Movie news paired with a wry and often bitter sarcasm. Biggest and best thing about the site is Devin Faraci, who I may not always agree with, but who I still want out there saying the shit that he says. And yes, while CHUD means “Cinematic Happenings Under Development,” it also comes from “Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers.” Excellent.

The Consumerist: The Consumerist cares about you. Really, it does. It doesn’t care about big corporations, and it recognizes that, the more deregulation (er, the less regulation?) we get, the worse it ends up for the common man. If you let them, Burger King will use our children for food, and Wal-Mart’ll make sure that pesticide is the primary ingredient in their generic-brand Animal Cookies. The Consumerist is a great watchdog, regaling us with stories from the economic apocalypse. The Consumerist got yo’ back. Word.

Evil Avatar: Maybe a bit dated, design-wise, but it’s a clear and straightforward aggregator of cool video game news and thoughts, with the occasional deviation into other pop culture waters (they do comic book reviews weekly, for instance). The red-and-black color scheme is a favorite of mine, too, since the old Terribleminds used to look that way.

Flickr: Uh, duh. I take pictures. I post them. I look at other people’s work. The cycle continues.

Gorilla Mask: Hey, look! All the silly crap on the Internet found daily! For your eyes! And brain! NSFW.

Hollywood Elsewhere: Like with Devin Faraci, Jeffrey Wells isn’t someone I universally agree with. Often, he’s kind of an asshole. But that’s okay. Because he loves movies. Besides, lots of people worth reading (or listening to, or watching) are assholes. You just don’t want to hang out with them, is all. Wells is more indie-minded, and he’s pretentious as all-get-out, and he’s alarmingly liberal (not that liberal is a bad thing, but I also don’t automatically believe it equates to “a good thing,” either). Still, he’s a movie whore masquerading as a journalist. Fine by me.

Lifehacker: Lifehacker will help you do awesome shit, like grow an herb garden on your taint, or build a computer out of the bones of your slain adversaries. Or something. It’s a cool site with a big daily basket of tips. Firefox extensions, organizational tricks, recipes, Netflix hacks, knitting moves, I dunno. All that. With Lifehacker, your life gets a little bit easier, and a little bit cooler.

National Weather Service: They can’t all be gems. I need the weather. What more do you want from me? I think the Weather Channel sucks, usually. (Example: one day, a few years back, we got hammered with a daytime blizzard that levied a good 16 or so inches against us, and after six inches were on the ground, the Weather Channel was still saying, “Flurries; no precipitation expected.”) Same reason that I use Google Maps instead of Mapquest, because Mapquest is a sucking chest wound. I used Mapquest a while ago try to find a local place, 15 minutes away — it took me 45 minutes out of my way to get there. If the Weather Channel and Mapquest ever formally unite, we are doomed to choking ineptitude.

What Would Tyler Durden Do: Celebutard and pop culture insult site masquerading as news page. Listen, if you go here, know that it’s NSFW. Know that it’s not politically-correct. Know that it’s mean as shit. But also know it’s funny. Scathingly funny. (In describing Terri Hatcher, the site says, “Her vagina must feel like you’re having sex with a dress stuffed with hay.” In discussing Madonna and her Qabbalah bracelet, the site says, “Maybe Kaballah needs more kinds of magic string.  Maybe they could sell an enchanted black string that turns things into laws.  And a white one that makes you invisible, and a yellow one that conjures up a guardian dragon.  There’s really no limit to what these omnipotent twist-ties can do.”) Bonus points for visiting the less-harsh, but also occasionally less-funny, Warming Glow (TV-themed) and Film Drunk (movie news).

That’s about it for what I view every day. Other sites, I visit weekly, and the daily sites above don’t include the personal blogs or journals or whatever of people out there on the Webs.

Now, the question is: what sitess do you read? What can’t you live without? What should I read every day that I’m not? Inform me, peeples.