The House Smells of Duck Fat (And Other Updates)

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  • First, Blood Drive is now available. This is an SAS (Storytelling Adventure System) PDF for Hunter: The Vigil, in-theme with Hunter: Night Stalkers. You could run it as a mortals story, if you were so inclined. The story’s a bit of a departure from the expected. In it, you attempt to protect a vampire — a pain in the nuts albatross named “Dino” — from some enemies he doesn’t tell you about in an effort to carry his dead ass halfway across the country. He’s got information. He’s got what you want. Do you protect him? It’s meant to be high-intensity; something of an adrenalin rush.
  • World of Darkness: Mirrors is now unformally announced. Let me continue with the unformal announcement here: the book exists! I’m developing it! Aaaand, that’s it. I can’t say more. I can only say, this’ll really get your attention if you care about that sort of thing. Plus, we have a mega-ultra-bucketload of great writers on the book. You like Wood Ingham, I know. You want to make out with Matt McFarland, apparently. You think Stew Wilson and Malcolm Sheppard should form a crime-fighting team. This is all good news gospel.
  • I’d mentioned several blog posts back that I had this book that was unfinished, and I adapted the material into a screenplay. The screenplay was done, and made a number of changes to the plot. I went back and looked at the unfinished novel, and am surprised to find I actually kind of enjoyed reading it. So, I’ve begun to readapt my adaptation, er, back to novel format. So far, so good.
  • Had another good call with Awesome Producers Of Mostly Unannounced Project on Monday. Sat down on Tuesday with writing partner to hammer it all out, and the ideas, they came-a-flowing. It’ll move us into what I feel will be a very strong fourth draft of the script. Kicking this shit into high gear, son. Save your children, because this script’s going to rock your face. It’s going to spit in your eyes. It’s going to stuff money in your mouth and kick you down some steps into a vat of boiling bat’s blood. It’s going to give you a handy under the table with gloves made of velvet and demon-skin. I dunno. I’m happy with it, is what I’m saying.
  • Yesterday, made dinner with primary products entirely nabbed from the farmers’ market. I roasted a whole Muscovy duck at 425F for 15 minutes, then dropped down to 350F at about 15 minutes per pound. So, hour-fifteen or so. I seasoned it pretty simply: salt, pepper, Herbes de Provence, and quartered lemons stuffed inside. So, duck = good. Gravy = not so good. I had to dress it up more than I wanted, and even then, ehh. Good thing the duck was delicious all on its own.
  • Next, roasted asparagus with toasted Panko breadcrumbs. Pretty easy, and ganked from a Good Eats broccoli recipe. Basically, oven at 350F, mix asparagus in a bowl with salt, pepper, olive oil and 1/2 c. Panko crumbs (toasted in oven for two mins), slap on a cookie sheet, let it go for 30 minutes. Very good.
  • Finally, the real winner-winner-duckfat-dinner, sauteed watercress in chili oil. The hard part is getting all those watercress leaves without using the woody stems. But after that, get the chili oil hot, pop in diced garlic for like, 30 seconds, then watercress for a minute. Wilts like spinach. Tasty like butter dripped between an angel’s boobs. Plus, watercress has a fuck-ton of vitamins and minerals. It also makes you a superhero with laser eyes and a bulletproof chin and a hypnotic penis.
  • Speak-a-duck-fat: I have duck fat. In a container. I will use it as a delicious lubricant for eggs and potatoes and other good things. Also, the house still smells of duck fat, even now, 12+ hours later. This isn’t yet a bad thing.
  • We have raw milk. We will probably drink it tonight. I’ll let you know tomorrow whether it kills me, or magically heals me of all my ills. Raw milk is, of course, at the center of a libertarian discussion, and is a pivot-point on the argument against factory farms and super-big agribusiness. I just want to know if it tastes good.
  • I have been married for three years as of yesterday. The wife still doesn’t know what a tardcart I am, so let’s not go and tell her, okay? Keep this shit on the down-low. She has no idea that she’s way too good for me, way too hot for me, way too everything for me. Soon as she finds out she’s basically eating food out straight out of the garbage can (that’s a metaphor, in case you think I’m feeding my wife actual refuse), my goose (er, duck?) is cooked. Anyway. This weekend, we zip off to the Brandywine Valley to look at flowers and drink wine and stuff.

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