Shine On The Apple

Skelehead! Skelehead Rocks You! Left yesterday at 7:00 AM to head down to Doylestown.

Picked up Lance by 8:00 AM. To the train in Princeton.

Then, New York City, which is much shinier than last I saw it. I haven’t been to Manhattan in… I dunno, eight years? And it was, even then, even after its Giuliani sanitization, possessing of a filthy edge, and suffering from a pervasive garbage odor. Yesterday, no garbage odor. Only an odor of many foods.

Was in NYC for some top-level meetings. Very exciting. Can’t say much about them, but projects continue to roll forward. We have momentum on our side. We have strong projects. We sally forth.

Ate here.

Watched this, here.

Was in an elevator where they were showing movies from this guy.

I saw this coming toward me at a street corner.

Back on the train at 8:15 PM. Back in PA by 9:15. Back home by 10:30. In bed… too late.

Guh.Work now. Notes. Process. Progress. Guh.

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