Huh? Uh? Where Are My Pants?

Take a look around, oh wonderous Internoob nomads — this is the shiny new Terribleminds-dot-com. Except it’s maybe not? I’m just fucking around over here, clumsily groping WordPress in the dark. This is only the first roughhewn child, born from the mad coupling of me and WordPress, and there’s just no telling whether or not it’ll survive the night. At any point, I might jab a coat hanger in its soft little head, send it back to the binary graveyard.

For now, though, it is what it is, and it is a website. Or a blog. Or a blogsite. Or a “social media experiment.” Or a “Web 2.0 expression of futile rage and puerile ramblings with a dash of regret, a sprinkling of Schadenfreude, and a whiff of the downright stupid.”

Be well, Internets. Now that it doesn’t suck to update my website, well, you can be assured that I’ll update it more often. (And by “more often,” I might actually mean, “at least twice every glacial epoch,” which isn’t a lie, probably.)

P.S. — Thanks to Will Hindmarch for helping birth this frothing child through the ever-constricting canal of my expectations and laziness. He done good and was very patient.

P.P.S. — I think I’ll stop with the birth metaphors.