Getting Tested For Syphilis — I mean, “Testing For Flickr”

Soapy Drip

Appropriate, perhaps, that I’m testing a photo that references “syphilis.” I mean, the photo’s drippy, right?

Y’know, drippy?

Like, you might say to your doctor, “Doc, I got a… leaky faucet down there? Y’know? Down there?”

And then, just to make sure the doc got it, you’d raise your eyebrows high and casually gesture at your groin with a circling motion of the ol’ index finger?

I can’t spell it out in any greater detail without saying “syphilitic penis.” See what you made Daddy do? Now Daddy’s going to have to get the belt.

Anyway, so far, things are looking reasonable here at the Shiny New Blog, right? Rockin’ the Twitter widget. Sportin’ the Flickr widget. Got the logo. Got Flickr integration into the posts. Got way too many places to link a post (I don’t know what half of them are, honestly — what the hell is Ekstreme Socializer? Don’t click that button. We all might be superfucked if you click that button. F’reals).

So, I mean, there you have it. Drippy picture. Shiny web stuff. I deserve a high-five.